June 3, 2023
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Zoom provides external authentication to protect remote classrooms

Zoom provides external authentication to protect remote classrooms

Zoom introduced an external authentication feature. To help schools enroll in remote and mixed classrooms with an extra layer of security. Against the background of the Coronavirus outbreak, schools have started operating with video conferencing tools.

Single Sign-On (SSO) or Identity Provider (IDP) is a popular computer logon system to access resources and was already available to administrators and faculty to protect zoom accounts. Zoom is now expanding single sign-on capabilities for students, leveraging the unified access experience. Even if students don’t need a separate Zoom account, this feature helps simplify managing usernames and passwords.

The single sign-on feature (SSO) allows users to log in once, using a set of credentials to access all the applications, data, and services they need.

Why this external authentication need in zoom?

Zoom said, “Zoom’s external authentication allows school IT administrators to set up a Zoom account, so students must authenticate to the school identity system or SSO (Single Sign-On) provider before attending the meeting.” Brendan Etelson, Chief Technology Officer, has written in a blog post. ..

Students are correctly identified within the conference. Using the name from the IDP of the administrator, and only validated students can attend the session. Zoom noted that for schools and IT administrators, external validation adds a layer of security to the blended learning process.

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“Students are properly identified within the conference using the name from the Identity Provider (IDP), and only accredited students can attend the session. This has many advantages,” said Etelson. I will. “Additionally, all the students’ Zoom conference record is recorded on the Zoom dashboard, making attendance easier than ever,” he added.

Ittelson also states that the Zoom conference archives for all students will be recorded on the Zoom dashboard, making it easier for teachers to record attendance. In addition, students have one-click access to all school applications.

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