January 28, 2023
New Delhi
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Zoom is temporarily raise the 40-minute meeting limit on Thanksgiving Day

Zoom introduced an external authentication feature. To help schools enroll in remote and mixed classrooms with an extra layer of security. Against the background of the Coronavirus outbreak, schools have started operating with video conferencing tools.

Zoom has announced that it will raise the standard 40-minute limit for free, Thanksgiving video calls to make it easier for families to spend most of their time on vacation in the United States. The 40-minute zoom meeting limit will be canceled from midnight Thanksgiving Day (November 26) to November 27, 6 am (Eastern Standard Time 4:30 pm).

The company said in a Twitter announcement that the zoom limit would be raised globally. On Thanksgiving Day, temporary relaxation is provided “to keep family gatherings short.” The 40-minute time limit was a major constraint on the platform throughout the coronavirus pandemic, forcing the team to resume calling after a specified amount of time.

Some Zoom competitors have imposed similar limits. Including Google Meet (60-minute limit), and all service providers remove the limit to increase the number of participants allowed at the enterprise level. We will charge an additional fee for the plan.

Zoom quickly gained fame in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company claims that it currently has nearly 300 million users as offices around the world require employees to work from home to reduce exposure to the coronavirus. The company was recently instructed by the organizers to increase security with a proposed settlement of allegations that video conferencing services mislead users about the security level of the conference.

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