January 31, 2023
New Delhi
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Xiaomi announces a super silence air conditioner

Xiaomi announces a super silence air conditioner

Features of Xiaomi Air Condition

The main functions of MIJIA air conditioner include many functions such as intelligent wind control, energy efficiency level, and energy saving. In addition, the remote control of the air conditioner has a special button that allows you to turn on “sleep mode”.

When sleep mode is turned on, the screen backlight is automatically turned off and the operating noise is reduced to 18 dB. In addition, it is equipped with a direct airflow prevention function to provide an ideal sleeping environment.

This product regulates a person’s body temperature in response to changes in body temperature during sleep. When sleep begins, it gradually declines to depend on the weather, and after reaching a minimum temperature at 5 am, body temperature gradually rises. In addition, the Mijia air conditioner can be connected to the Mi Band to detect sleep status.

One of the key features of the device is energy saving. A device with an operating power of only 1 horsepower. With an APF value of up to 5.13, it is very suitable for bedrooms of 10 to 15 square meters. In this case, the device is self-cleaning. Corresponds to mold on the evaporator. Therefore, the air conditioner will be healthier.

This allows him to determine the humidity of the environment. Equipped with a new generation of dual temperature and humidity control technology. It also maintains accurate 0.5 ° C control. It can also be connected to a MIJIA humidifier to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Price of Xiaomi Air condition

An air conditioner that also supports XiaoAI voice control. It is currently sold in China for RMB 2099 (~ $ 322) on mi.com.

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