June 6, 2023
New Delhi
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With Google’s latest AR features, you can virtually makeup

Online shopping for a particular product can be difficult even if you don’t yet know what you need. But technology is increasingly being used in ways that make things easier. This latest example is Google’s latest augmented reality feature. This allows users to virtually experiment with the makeup of the brand of their choice to see what it looks like.

A new feature has appeared in the Google app for US users. It covers many brands of products, including MAC Cosmetics and L’Oreal. Users looking for a specific enhanced make-up product can look at them with faces of different skin shades and evaluate their appearance.

For those who want to go further with their online browsing. You can use your mobile camera to try the product virtually as an AR experience. To do this. Google notes that users can check out the tool by clicking the “Try” button on the product’s Google search dashboard.

This tool includes scrolling with different colors provided by the company and links to purchase the product. Google says users will also see recommendations for clothing, cosmetics, household, and garden tools in the Discover feed for Google and Google Shopping.

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According to Google, according to a feature launched by the Shoploop team. Experts are being used to provide information about products that you might encounter. These features are currently available, but you must use the Google app on your mobile device to access them.

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