September 25, 2023
New Delhi

WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages is Launched: Follow steps to activate

Whatsapp will Update its Terms and Services in 2021 accept it or lose your account

The Whatsapp instant messaging app officially launched the message loss feature earlier this month. This feature is currently released for Android and iOS users in India. A feature of this feature is that after activation, the messages, photos, and videos that WhatsApp sends will automatically disappear after a week.

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How to activate a disarming message feature

Whatsapp Disappearing Messages feature photo of Dainik Jagran

  • Open the Whatsapp messaging app.
  • Open the contacts for which you want to enable the “Lost Messages” feature.
  • Then click on the contact name.
  • Click on the contact’s name to open a WhatsApp account.
  • The message function that disappears is displayed here, so click it.
  • Click the Disappearing Message feature to see the option to turn it on or off. Click the option you want to turn on.
  • This feature is enabled and sent messages-photos-videos will disappear automatically after 7 days.

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