September 22, 2023
New Delhi

WhatsApp update: “Always mute” feature is now available to Android beta users

features of whatsapp new version.WhatsApp is enabling 4 new features today!1 )Always Mute, to mute chats forever. 2)New Storage Usage UI more

There was one feature that everyone had been waiting for. It’s WhatsApp ‘always mute’ chat option. This feature is finally available for Android beta users. This feature was discovered by WABetaInfo as part of a beta update to Android

WhatsApp Beta for Android What’s New

WhatsApp is enabling 4 new features today!

  • Always Mute, to mute chats forever.
  • No Calls for Verified Businesses.
  • Media Guidelines.
  • New Storage Usage UI and tools.

As reported, WhatsApp will allow multiple users of WhatsApp to use “Always Mute”. This is a new option that replaces “1 year” when the conversation is muted. This means that you can mute the chat indefinitely. This feature was first discovered two months ago in the beta version of WhatsApp Android Update For now, if you want to mute a chat, you can do it for up to a year, but new features allow you to do this permanently. WhatsApp has also released the iOS update, giving you the option to mute chats forever.

New WhatsApp update features in future

Aside from these features, WhatsApp also works on others. WABetaInfo also reported that WhatsApp hides voice and video call buttons in chats with currently confirmed business accounts. It also disappeared from the contact information. It states that the call button cannot be used with a business account that has been confirmed in the chat. Also, with update, many users received new user interfaces and tools for storage usage.

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