June 6, 2023
New Delhi

WhatsApp will begin sending reminders to accept the new privacy policy before May 15

WhatsApp will begin sending reminders to accept the new privacy policy before May 15

WhatsApp has introduced updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to draw public attention to privacy. The company initially planned to release a new privacy policy on February 8th but was subsequently postponed to May 15th. With the deadline, the company began issuing reminder notices to users to accept its privacy policy. Read more-iOS9 iPhone end of support WhatsApp: Report

The reminder notice states, “The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will come into effect on May 15. Please agree to these updates to continue using WhatsApp after that date.”

What happened?

The new privacy policy has raised users’ concerns that WhatsApp will share private conversations with Facebook. As a result, many users have started to switch to other instant messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. This was when the company announced implementation delays and began issuing multiple interpretations stating that all of the personal chats that users had were end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, only the recipient and the sender can access it. The new privacy policy will help Facebook recover WhatsApp Business data, provide access to business chat, and help monetize the service.

What is the new notification of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a new reminder notification that indicates that it will not change the privacy of a user’s personal conversation. Privacy remains encrypted end-to-end and remains unchanged. This makes it easier for businesses to chat using Facebook tools, he adds. He also states that chatting with these companies is optional and will be categorized by the app.

The government on WhatsApp in India?

As a reminder, India’s Supreme Court recently asked WhatsApp and the center to file a response to a petition alleging that the Indians have lower privacy standards than their European counterparts, and the Supreme Court said: “People are very concerned about losing their privacy and it is our duty to protect them.”

The center said during the hearing that social media apps like WhatsApp cannot share user data and must protect all user data. Meanwhile, WhatsApp said the company would comply if a similar law to the GDPR is introduced in India.

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