June 1, 2023
New Delhi

WhatsApp has started the message disappearance feature, and here is all you need to know about it

Whatsapp will Update its Terms and Services in 2021 accept it or lose your account

Message disappearing WhatsApp: WhatsApp messages function disappear! WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, will release an exaggerated feature this month that disappears messages. This allows users to send messages to their friends and automatically delete those messages after 7 days. Users can enable this feature in personal chat, but for groups, only administrators can enable this feature.

This feature helps users get rid of chat clutter after messages such as shopping lists and addresses serve their purpose. It can also give users peace of mind as not all conversations are permanent. In addition, this feature provides enough time for the user to understand the conversation and continue and complete the conversation before deleting the message.

How will the disappearing messages feature work?

Not only does this feature allow users to hide messages but also videos and photos.

When this feature is enabled, messages, photos, and videos will not be shown to both parties of individual chats and all group chat users. If you want to save the message, you can take a screenshot or copy the message while it is being viewed.

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This feature must be enabled for all groups or all contacts, as there is no option to enable umbrellas. When this feature is published through the instant messaging platform, it will be available as an option in the contacts section for all WhatsApp friends.

Also, enabling this feature does not erase previously sent messages or media, it only affects messages sent after being enabled by any party or group admin in personal chat. You have to be careful.

WhatsApp features: Disappearing messages vs delete for everyone

It is an advanced procedure that allows users to delete everyone’s messages. The Delete All Users feature allows users to delete messages that were incorrectly sent to all chat participants within a specific time frame but allows recipients to verify that the messages have been deleted. The new features are slightly different because they are intended for messages that the sender wants to see to the recipient but do not want to see forever.

Although the functionality is different, many users use the delete all features to make the message instant. However, to achieve this goal, the user had to delete the message within the same amount of time. Now, with the help of the hidden message feature, users don’t have to remember to delete a message and can stay in a chat conversation long before the message itself disappears.

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