January 30, 2023
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WhatsApp has a new “Add to Cart” button to make shopping even more convenient.

WhatsApp has a new "Add to Cart" button to make shopping even more convenient.

WhatsApp has introduced a cart that makes shopping on the instant messaging platform even easier. The new update came almost a month after Facebook-owned companies added a buy button to their app, making it easier for users to browse and order company-provided catalogs on the platform.  With the advent of carts, WhatsApp has taken a new step towards completing the app. Here you can browse different products, create carts, place orders, and pay all under one roof.

The latest WhatsApp update introduces an Add to Cart button that users will see when browsing the directories provided by their WhatsApp Business account. This allows users to add multiple products from the same seller to their cart, share them with the seller, and order directly from the app.

Like other e-commerce sites and mobile apps. WhatsApp allows users to add or remove one or more items from their cart. You can also browse the WhatsApp Business account directory and click the new dedicated icon to view the items you have added to your cart.

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Once an item is added to your cart. You can share it as a single message with the seller associated with your WhatsApp Business account. The seller will then reply to confirm your order. The merchant can also accept payments using WhatsApp Pay to complete the order and begin the shipping process. WhatsApp has also added a new trolley-themed sticker to the “Open for Business” sticker pack. Allowing merchants to promote their business in a group and communicate on the platform.

WhatsApp also facilitated order management for business accounts by allowing shoppers to use the shopping cart feature to group different items into a single message. This is similar to how merchants receive a traditional online site checkout flow.

The new experience is open to all WhatsApp users around the world. This is a dedicated shopping button and an extension of the business catalog previously introduced in the app.

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