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What is the position of Windows 10 based on security?

Here we discuss about safety on Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 having an up-to-date OS is definitely the first step in staying safe from viruses and different kinds of malicious programs with Windows 10 updating the systems pretty much a must whether you like it or not it is possible to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 by Microsoft has made this option much less accessible as opposed to older versions where you could easily avoid downloading updates even the critical security ones since Windows 8 this OS comes with its own anti-virus program called WindowsDefender it basically does what any antivirus is made for it gives you real-time protection from viruses and malicious programs and removes or quarantine the ones that manage to get through as opposed to other antiviruses you don’t really have to worry or even be thinking about Windows Defender at any time it comes with the operating system automatically turns itself on and downloads updates and virus definitions through regular Windows updates the wave functions is so simple that there are really no questions about it but the question that does present itself is.

How Safe is WINDOWS 10?

  1. If you are running Windows Defender on an updated Windows 10 well let’s see while conducting standard tests of antivirus programs the independent. Institute of security actually gave Windows Defender a very low rating of zero points five out of six for protection Microsoft did dispute these results by stating that the antivirus comparison test did not accurately reflect the protection that Windows has to offer or what the customers are actually experiencing.

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2. Windows 10 does come with other security features like a smart screen a program that prevents unknown and malicious programs from running. Microsoft explains show Windows Defender works with other security features built into Windows 10 such as a smart screen in order to offer protection therefore testing it separately will show low results in comparison to the one’s end-user experience using the full-featured. and really despite the low scores in June of 2015Windows Defender still managed to catch95% of the widespread and prevalent malware along with 85% of the zero-day attacks for reference tested samples of BitDefender managed to score 100% in both categories.

What is the position of Windows 10 based on security?

3. while Kaspersky managed100% in one and 99% in the other despite the low score it would seem that Windows Defender actually doesn’t perform that catastrophic is nevertheless one could say that it actually does a decent job but should you really use Windows 10 with only the Windows Defender antivirus well if you really refuse to take a couple of minutes to install a free antivirus like ABG or a vast do it at your own risk assuming that the user has common sense and safety knowledge in everyday internet browsing.

4. Windows Defender just might be good enough for a great deal of pc but even though it does do a decent job the fact of the matter is that tests show that other antivirus programs still offer better protection against malware especially. if you engage in deeper web exploration downloading torrents cracked programs and free we’re installing a free antivirus program is most certainly the safer choice to make we really can talk about safety on an OS without touching the subject of privacy especially.

5. If it’s one that has been accused of literally scanning your every action but are those accusations really true well to an extent while Microsoft doesn’t really scan your every action onWindows 10 they do take a lot of your information gathered from your activities in order to mold their product to suit your needs and habits.

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6. The Cortana assistant is a fine example for that if the hey Cortana voice-command is on Microsoft is literally always listening not only does it listen to what you speak but it also keeps an eye on your keyboard strokes in order to more efficiently learn speech patterns this is done through the get to know me to feature that can be turned on or off in the settings area. Another thing that bothers users is the fact that advertisers can use their search history and interests for the placement of their ads this can also be turned on or off through the settings notice how the words on and off are mentioned in all these cases that’s something that almost all the windows 10 adversaries are failing to acknowledge one could debate that these features are a form of spying on users. The same way someone else could argue that they are simply there for the purpose of making Windows a better operating system whichever case it may be the fact of the matter is that you can still choose whether to let Microsoft use your information or not for the final verdict well that something you are going to have to make for yourself I’ll just sum it up by saying that Windows 10 offers basic protection against malware by itself and with an additional free antivirus you’ll as protected as an average user can be these days when it comes to privacy truth is that Microsoft is watching and listening more than the four but so is every other cloud-based OS that we use every day like Android and iOS the important thing is that you have a choice and you can decide whether you will allow it or not.


Q)  Is really Window 10 Safe?

A) Safe but not that much safe they track everything.

Q) Window Defender is good as compared to other antivirus?

A) No. Antivirus programs still offer better protection against malware especially.

Q) Rating of window Defender?

A) Very low rating of zero points five out of six.

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