June 1, 2023
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What is stock Android? Its Advantage, and Why it is better than other?

What is stock Android? Its Advantage, and Why it is better than other?

Stock Android, also known as Pure Android, is released by Google. There are no changes or changes by the smartphone manufacturer. This is in contrast to Android OEM forms and custom versions, which usually include changes for smartphone makers and their own apps.

First, let’s talk about companies that are creating their own custom versions of Android and how they are not leveraging their customers. Next, the last section describes the advantages of Stockandroid over other dedicated versions.

Few Brands and their Customized Android OS:

  1. Huawei – EMUI
  2. Xiaomi – MIUI
  3. Oppo – ColorOS
  4. Samsung – ONE UI (previously TouchWiz)
  5. Vivo – FuntouchOS

Why companies alter pure android?

  1. The main idea behind this is not only to provide users with a much better and easier experience but also to disguise and mistreat them.
    2.  They provide their own additional apps and drivers which are less or less needed, totally unimportant (bloatware) and there are few duplicate apps already provided by pure android.
    3.  They also offer some pre-installed apps and games that are rolling out at the end to show their desires. These apps get data unnecessarily. In general, people are unaware of this. Just click Allow every time you are prompted.
    4. On the other hand, custom ROM devices face a number of security issues that claim sensitive user data to be sent to Chinese servers. I don’t take their names, but we all know this somewhere.

Why use these platforms? You need to know what these brands are actually doing. They deceive the people around them and want as much money as possible. This answer is OS related, so there are many other ways to do this. I stick to it.

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Advantages of Stock Android:

Reliable security features: It is true that Android has experienced multiple security flaws over the years, but Google is rapidly developing corrections for these flaws (latest systems). There are also updates, and Android is available first). Android devices in stock are more reliable and secure as there is no bloatware involved.

Design and operation: Google has always pioneered Android design and operation and it’s much more beautiful than many custom skins. Google design is more progressive and more attractive.

Improved performance and increased storage space: Stock Android requires fewer devices to run smoothly, as additional layers of user interface consume more RAM and CPU than Stock Android. Also, a copy of the app (Google Chrome provides and the manufacturer provides its own browser. Gmail usually comes with the phone manufacturer’s mail client app, while Google Play has its own trademark that often comes with an app store). Too much unnecessary mess. You are unlikely to use many of these duplicate apps and there is no way to uninstall them.

Choice power: imposed on the device without applications or surfaces. One of the advantages of Android over the stock is that it has much fewer primary apps, so you can choose which apps to install on your device.

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