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What is Samsung Bixby? How it work ?

Bixby is Samsung’s bid to capture Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more. None of these three assistants worked, but they are pre-installed on Samsung devices.

What is Samsung Bixby?

Bixby is a virtual assistant. It first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and is designed to work with a variety of Samsung products, and has been integrated into many other devices such as Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators and TVs.

Use it to send texts, get personalized information (weather, meeting reminders, news articles, etc.), and what you see in the camera (where to buy a sofa in camera view, etc.) you can know in detail. Complete the procedure (like calling mom). Bixby can learn individual sounds, so it customizes the answer according to who is asking the question. Samsung told you that it is “learning, evolving and adapting”.

Bixby is also available for some third-party apps.

Samsung is also developing the Galaxy Home Bixby speaker, which has yet to be released around 18 months after its initial announcement.

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How Bixby works?

Bixby is designed to allow you to perform multiple interactions, rather than running an app or performing a single task, for example.

Bixby is context-sensitive. This means you can recognize the state of your app and take appropriate actions based on your request, so you can even mix sounds and touches.

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Bixby also needs to be able to understand natural languages. That is, you don’t have to use a specific phrase, but you can provide incomplete information that Bixby can interpret and take action on. For example, natural language recognition has been a major factor in the rise of Alexa and is now a staple of modern AI.

The service basically works like any other AI solution, such as the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, listening to the audio, interpreting information, and returning the resulting action.

Context-awareness means that he can take action without having to elaborate on what to do. He already knows where you are, so you can take the next logical step.

Wake word

If you use the alert word “Hi Bixby,” you can speak to your device using natural language, just as you would with the Google Assistant. However, Bixby tends to start incorrectly, so you can use the push-button method to prevent false positives. This only applies to the voice control aspect of Bixby. Other than that, something like Bixby Vision is integrated into the camera and ready to use.

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What Bixby can do?

Bixby Voice

One of Bixby’s main goals is to deal with increasingly complex hardware. Here are some examples of what Bixby does:

  1. Say “Show this on my TV” and you’ll see a mirrored phone screen on your Samsung TV.
    2. Say “use this as wallpaper” and save the on-screen image as your phone wallpaper.
    3. Force it on your device by saying “take a selfie and share it to Facebook”.
    4. Say “Please tell me to take your medicine at 3 pm” and Bixby will save the notification.
    5. Say “Open Message” to open the Messages app.
    6. To turn this feature on in the camera app, say “HDR on”.

To use these commands, you need to press the Bixby button or say Wake Up. All of these commands make sense in proportion to the specific goals Samsung initially set for Bixby. It’s easy to ask him to change the volume or brighten the phone. Overall, when it comes to controlling the device, Bixby is very good at composing messages and reading incoming messages as well. etc

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Bixby Reminders

Bixby can create reminders, but it uses specific tasks in the form of text or checklists. You can ask them to remind you of calls and text messages that you want to make later, and media content that you want to visit later, such as photos (up to 8 pictures per reminder), videos, and web content. You can set reminders by sound or from Bixby Home (see here for details on how to do this).

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