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What is Malware? Types of Malware?

What is Malware? Types of Malware?

Malware is not a foreign word at all, it is one of the most common terms that almost all of us come across very often. But wait a minute. Do most of us know what this means? Well, most people might think that it is just a computer virus, and that is not true at all. So, today in this article I will try to cover most of the important things that have to do with this term. Let’s start our journey without further ado.

What is Malware?

First, malware is nothing more than software, yes you read that right, software. This software is specially designed to damage your system. The malware is then divided into broad sub-categories including viruses, Trojans, spyware, scareware, worms, etc.

Maybe you have it now, a computer virus is nothing more than a type of malware. Malware is so complex and well-programmed that most people, even some tech experts, may not even discover it when using infected software.

Now that we understand the importance of this tool, let’s try to understand the only purposes for which it is designed and used. This tool is mainly used to steal classified, personal, professional, etc. information. from government, banks, professional associations, individuals, etc.

You may be wondering why this is done? The answer is quite simple for many reasons: money, power, revenge, access to classified and critical data, and the list goes on and on. For individuals, this tool is typically used to access personal identifying information, such as B. credit or debit card details, bank details, passwords, secret numbers, and more again.

According to some random sources on the internet, many people and especially women have been blackmailed after getting involved in this very dirty game and many people have turned against him as well.

Types of Malware?


This is perhaps the most common name when it comes to cyber-attacks. Put simply, a virus is a type of malware that is very well encrypted in other software. Once this software is installed and used on your system, this virus appears out of nowhere, makes multiple copies, and attaches itself to almost all software. present in your device and it ultimately leads to devastating results like data loss in most cases.


As the name suggests, this tool only creates an illusion by blocking your normal system screens with any illegal content. In no time, he’ll be suing and collecting a ton of fines from you. Ransomware has been developed with Cryptovirology and is very powerful because it encrypts all user files and locks them with a warning. Within a limited period of time, all files or data on the system will be destroyed if the user wants a decryption key. To decrypt and access the data again, he has to pay the hacker in the form of digital currency. This is why this type of malware is known as ransomware.


Suppose you found and installed some exciting software while browsing the internet. It can be any regular software related to music, calculators, pictures, videos, etc. software hidden in it. The Trojan horse software is hidden in other normal software. When it starts in the system, the system will lag, your heater will heat up and it will eventually steal important data that is in your system from important passwords to password pens etc. for sure.


Spyware, as the name suggests, is malware that infects your PC or mobile device in order to spy on your activities. In this way, hackers can collect information about you and your surfing behavior. These are then passed on to third parties or misused for other purposes such as personalized advertising. In some cases, the software also changes your browser settings and manipulates the home page, downloads software, and may even recover your personal and confidential information.


Q) In shorts whats is Malware?

A) Malware is nothing more than a software

Q) Is Malware and virus is same?

A) No, the virus is a subcategory of Malware..

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