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What is cybercrime? Types of cybercrime. how to protect youself from cybercrime?

Are you worried about cybercrime? Understanding what cybercrime is, its types, and how to defend against it will relax your mind.

This article takes a deep dive into cybercrime so you know what dangers you need to protect yourself from in order to stay safe online.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is criminal activity for the purpose of accessing or using a computer, computer network, or network device.

Most, but not all, cyber crimes are committed by cybercriminals or hackers who want to make money. Cybercrime is committed by individuals or organizations.

Some cybercriminals are organized, advanced, and highly technical. The rest are early hackers.

On rare occasions, cybercrime aims to harm computers for reasons other than profit. It can be political or personal.

Types of cybercrime

Here are some specific examples of the different types of cybercrime:

What is cybercrime? Types of cybercrime. how to protect youself from cybercrime?

  • Email and internet fraud.
  • Identity fraud (where personal information is stolen and used).
  • Theft of financial or card payment data.
  • Theft and sale of corporate data.
  • Cyberextortion (demanding money to prevent a threatened attack).
  • Ransomware attacks (a type of cyber extortion).
  • Cryptojacking (where hackers mine cryptocurrency using resources they do not own).
  • Cyberespionage (where hackers access government or company data).

Most cybercrime falls under two main categories:

  • Criminal activity that targets
  • Criminal activity that uses computers to commit other crimes.

Cybercrime targeting computers often include viruses and other types of malware.

Cybercriminals can infect computers with viruses and prevent devices from damaging or interfering with their operation. They can also use malware to delete or steal data.

A cybercrime that prevents users from using a machine or network, or a business that provides software services to its customers, is called a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Cybercrime using computers to commit other crimes may involve the use of computers or networks to distribute malware, illegal information, or illegal images.

Sometimes cybercriminals fight both categories of cybercrime at the same time. They can attack computers with viruses first. Then use them to spread malware to other machines or over the network.

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Cybercriminals are also known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This is similar to a DoS attack, but cybercriminals use many compromised computers to carry out it.

The US Department of Justice recognizes the third category of cybercrime where a computer is used as an adjunct to a crime. An example of this is the use of computers to store stolen data.

The United States signed the European Convention on Cybercrime. The conference covers the wide web and there are many malicious computer crimes that are considered a cybercrime. For example:

  • Illegally intercepting or stealing data.
  • Interfering with systems in a way that compromises a network.
  • Infringing copyright.
  • Illegal gambling.
  • Selling illegal items online.
  • Soliciting, producing, or possessing child pornography.

How to protect yourself against cybercrime

So, now you understand the threat cybercrime represents, what are the best ways to protect your computer and your personal data? Here are our top tips:

Keep software and operating system updated

Keeping your software and operating system up to date ensures that you benefit from the latest security patches to protect your computer.

Use antivirus software and keep it up to date

Using antivirus or comprehensive Internet security solutions such as Kaspersky Total Security is a great way to protect your system from attacks.

Antivirus software allows you to scan, detect and remove threats before they become a problem. Having this security helps protect your computer and your data from cybercrime, which gives you mental peace.

If you are using antivirus software, make sure to keep it updated for the best possible level of protection.

Use strong passwords( Special char use)

Be sure to use strong passwords that people won’t guess or write down anywhere. Or, use a strong password manager to generate a random password to make things easier.

Never open attachments in spam

The classic way of infecting computers from malware attacks and other forms of cybercrime is through attachments to spam messages. Never open the sender’s attachment that you didn’t send.

Don’t click on spam emails or links to untrustworthy websites.

Another way people fall victim to cybercrime is by clicking on links to spam emails or other messages, or on unfamiliar websites. Avoid this to be safe online.

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Do not provide personal information if it is not secure

Never give personal information by phone or email unless you are absolutely sure that Line or Email is safe. Make sure you talk to the person you think you are.

Contact companies directly about suspicious requests

If you are asked to provide details from the company that called you, hang up. Call them back at the number listed on their official website to make sure you are talking to them and not in cyber cyberspace.

Ideally, use a different phone as a cybercriminal can keep the line open. When you think you’ve dialed the number again, they may pretend to come from a bank or other organization that you think you are talking to.

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