April 1, 2023
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What is Computer Memory (RAM)? What does it do?

What is RAM? Types and History of RAM.

Not sure exactly what your computer’s memory is for and how it works? See below to find out why and how you need computer memory to run your computer.

What is computer memory (RAM)?

Computer memory or random access memory (RAM) is the system’s short-term data storage. Saves information that your computer actively uses for quick access. The more programs running on your system, the more memory you need.

What is computer memory RAM used for?

The RAM allows your computer to perform many of your daily tasks, such as downloading applications, browsing the Internet, editing spreadsheets, and trying the latest gaming experiences. Memory also allows you to quickly switch between these tasks so that you can remember where you are on a task when switching to another. As a general rule, the more memory you have, the better.

I turn on my computer, open and modify the spreadsheet, but when I check my email for the first time, I see that I’m using memory in different ways. Memory is used to switch between multiple programs, such as loading and running applications such as spreadsheet programs, responding to commands such as edits made in spreadsheets, and checking emails away from spreadsheets. In most cases, the computer actively uses memory.
In a sense, memory is like your office. You can work on different projects, and the larger your office, the more papers, folders, and tasks you can do simultaneously. You can access the information quickly and easily without having to go to the file cabinet (storage drive). When the project is finished, or when you leave for the day, you can put some or all of the project in a filing cabinet for storage. A storage drive (hard disk drive or solid-state drive) is a file cabinet that works with your office to keep track of your projects.

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If your system is slow or unresponsive, memory upgrades are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve performance. Do you think your computer will benefit from more memory?

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