September 25, 2023
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WarioWare: Get it Together by Confirmed Nintendo Crossover launch on 10 Sep

WarioWare: Get it Together by Confirmed Nintendo Crossover launch on 10 Sep

The WarioWare series is one of Nintendo’s more quirky franchises, focusing on smaller minigames called microgames. These subtle games can be completed in seconds and include some wacky scenarios like sticking a finger in the nose or stealing garlic from an unsuspecting garlic lover. One of the most iconic types of minigames offered throughout the series comes from a character named 9-Volt—he’s a Nintendo fan himself, and his micro-games include everything from Zelda and Metroid to Mario and Ice Climber. The Nintendo Franchise.

In WarioWare: Get It Together, the latest in the series to hit Switch later this year, the 9-volt is back and there are already several confirmed Nintendo crossovers. During E3 2021, some of these Nintendo-themed micro-games were shown at the Nintendo Treehouse: Live event, and here’s a list of them all for now.

Animal Crossing

The next confirmed minigame for WarioWare: Get It Together takes inspiration from Animal Crossing and is another fairly simple game. Players must break the balloons holding the gift box when it approaches one of the villagers. If players pop the balloons too quickly, it looks like the gift will fall into the ditch and the game will count it as a failure, causing the players to lose one of their lives.

Given how successful the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been on Switch, it makes sense to include at least one type of microgaming in life-sim games.

Super Mario Land

2D Mario games commonly appear in WarioWare games, and this time appears to be Super Mario Land, an homage to the 1989 Game Boy game. Players will need to press a block of questions to get some coins to complete the microgame.

Ice Climber

Aside from the two main characters appearing on the Super Smash Bros. series, Ice Climber, as a franchise, has been dormant for a long time. Nonetheless, Nintendo presents the classic slippery platformer in WarioWare: Get It Together as a quirky micro-game.

Players will need to capture a glowing circle that will pull them up to the top of the stage, and luckily they won’t need to shoot a flying pterodactyl like Popo and Nana should do in a real ice climbing game on the NES.

Luigi’s Mansion

The first micro-game played on a 9-volt stage in WarioWare: Get It Together during the presentation was dedicated to Luigi’s stand-alone adventure series, Luigi’s Mansion. The micro-game requires players to find ghosts in mere seconds by interacting with objects in the room.

The ghost moves from object to object, and touching the object inside the ghost will complete the mini-game. It’s interesting to note that the ghost of this microgame is an enemy of Luigi’s Mansion from the first game for the GameCube, and not from the most recent game Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Other Nintendo Crossovers

While gameplay has not yet been shown for these specific microgames for WarioWare: Get it Together, several other crossovers in the franchise have been confirmed. is a tea party minigame featuring Cloud from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, one based on Splatoon 2, one from Super Metroid, and another from the original Super Mario Bros.

WarioWare: Get It Together is still a few months before launch, but more microgames are expected to be shown either via trailers or possibly in the fall on another Nintendo Direct.

Release Date of Wario Ware: Get it together

WarioWare: Get It Together will be released as an exclusive game on Nintendo Switch on September 10th.

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