September 22, 2023
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Voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web may soon be possible

Voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web may soon be possible

If you ever want to make or make a call on WhatsApp Web, it seems your prayers are answered instantly. According to a new report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Web Video and Voice Calls are already in development and may be arriving soon.

According to the report, the latest update v2.2043.7 for WhatsApp Web Client integrates support for WhatsApp voice and video calls. If you are on the same version and still don’t see call support, don’t worry. This feature is under development and will only be available in the near future.

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However, the WABetaInfo people made it work and shared some screenshots of how this works. Upon receiving the call, the customer presents you with a floating window where you can accept/reject the call. When you make a call, a small window appears with information such as time, end of the call, and actions such as muting the sound.

Voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web may soon be possible, how to do whatsapp video and voice call on laptop or web

According to the report, the web client will also support group audio and video calls.

Previously, WhatsApp and video calls were only available on Android and iOS. But as more people depend on instant messaging services to stay in touch, especially for epidemics, WhatsApp users will soon be able to make and receive calls on their laptops and desktop computers. Good to know that it will be.

Anyway, Facebook-owned WhatsApp doesn’t officially care or confirm if it plans to roll out this feature soon. This feature is still under development.

This is not the only new feature that may appear in WhatsApp. Over the past few months, we’ve seen many other reports revealing the upcoming features of the world’s most popular instant messaging service. Expired media and multi-device support are just a few of them.

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