January 30, 2023
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VLC for MacOs now supported: Download it here

VLC for MacOs now supported: Download it here

The new version of the free open-source VLC Media Player runs natively on the Apple Silicon M1 processor in macOS 11 Big Sur. Therefore, Media Player joins the comprehensive list of apps that run without emulation on the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

VLC media player for the ARM platform

VLC Media Player was the first version of VideoLAN and can play on the Apple ARM platform without the x86-64 Rosetta 2 binary conversion and now works locally. VideoLAN does not offer universal binaries that also power the new Intel architecture and legacy Intel architecture. But it does explicitly provide a separate version of Apple Silicon. There is an additional minor release that jumps to that provides the release with its own automatic update path without any other changes.

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In addition, the developers solved the macOS audio issue by integrating enhanced adaptive bitrate playback using MPEG-DASH, RIST (“Trusted Internet Transmission”), and Blu-ray media.

VLC for MacOs now supported: Download it here

Recently, many popular apps have appeared for the Apple Silicon and M1 SoC. But other apps such as Microsoft Edge are still under development.
Small tools such as Silicon and Silicon Info reveal whether the software runs locally on Apple Silicon, and the website “Is Apple Silicon Ready?” Recommended by community member “heyjan” provides a useful overview of ARM64 compatibility. 450 apps.

Download VLC for macOS

VLC Media Player can be downloaded normally below this message directly via the ComputerBase download archive.

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    VLC is a very robust audio and video player that can play virtually any file format.

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