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Types of Cyber Security and Cyber Security Solution

Types of Cyber Security and Cyber Security Solution

Cybersecurity is the protection of hardware, software, data, and other systems connected to the Internet from cyber threats. This technology is used by individuals and companies to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.

The purpose of implementing cybersecurity is to provide adequate security for data stored on computers, servers, networks, mobile devices, and malicious attackers. Cyber ​​attacks can be designed to access, delete, or extort sensitive data of an organization or user. We value cybersecurity. For example, medical institutions, government agencies, companies, and financial institutions may retain important personal information about individuals.

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing field, and technologies are being developed to open new horizons for cyberattacks. Additionally, despite the announcement of serious security breaches, small businesses can be the target of viruses and phishing, so care must be taken to prevent security breaches.

Types of cyber security


1. Critical infrastructure security

2. Application security

3. Cloud security

4. Network security

5. Internet of things (IoT) security

1. Critical infrastructure security

Critical infrastructure security consists of the electronic physical systems that modern society depends on.

Common examples of critical infrastructure:

  1. Electrical network
    2. Water purification
    3. Traffic light
    4. Shopping center
    5. hospital

Bringing the grid infrastructure online makes it vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Organizations responsible for critical infrastructure need to understand the vulnerabilities and take great care to protect their actions against the vulnerabilities. The security and resilience of this critical infrastructure are essential to the safety and well-being of our society.

Organizations that are not responsible for critical infrastructure, but continue to rely on parts of their business, develop an emergency response plan by assessing how an attack affects the critical infrastructure on which they depend. Must be created.

The solution of Critical infrastructure security

Protect your critical infrastructure with Westminster’s wide range of solutions, including perimeter security, CCTV surveillance systems, intruder detection, access and entry control, leak detection, and ground radar to prevent unauthorized access and malicious damage. Could you

2. Application security

You should choose application security as one of the many security measures you need to take to protect your system. Application security uses software and hardware methods to address potential external threats during the application development phase.

Security measures are adopted during the development phase as an inevitable phase of the project, as applications are more accessible over the network.

The solution of Application security

Application security type:

  1. Antivirus software
    2. Firewall
    3. Cryptographic software

These help ensure that unauthorized access is prevented. Enterprises can also detect and protect sensitive data assets through specific application security processes linked to these datasets.

3. Cloud security

Improving cybersecurity is one of the main reasons the cloud is taking over.

Cloud security is a software-based security tool that protects and monitors data in cloud resources. Cloud providers are constantly creating and implementing new security tools to help enterprise users protect their data more securely.

The myth about cloud computing is that it is less secure than the traditional method. People tend to think that storing data on the servers and physical systems that you own and manage is more secure. However, through cloud security, control has demonstrated that security and accessibility don’t mean that they are more important than the physical location of the data.

Alert’s Logic Cloud Security Report found that users in a local environment had more incidents than users in a provider’s environment.

The report finds more …

  1. Users in a local environment face an average of 61.4 attacks.
    2. Clients in a service provider environment encountered an average of 27.8 attacks.

The security of cloud computing is similar to traditional on-premises data centers, but without the time and cost to maintain a large data facility, and the risk of security breaches is minimized.

The solution of Cloud  security

1. Deploy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

2. Manage Your User Access to Improve Cloud Computing Security

3. Monitor End User Activities With Automated Solutions to Detect Intruders

4. Consider Cloud-to-Cloud Back Up Solutions

4. Network security

Because cybersecurity handles external threats, network security prevents malicious intrusion into your internal network.

Network security ensures the security of your internal network by protecting your infrastructure and preventing access to it.

To better manage network security monitoring, security teams are now using machine learning to identify anomalous traffic and alert threats in real-time. Network administrators continue to implement policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access, modification, and misuse of the network.

The solution of Network security

Common examples of network security implementations:

  • extra logins
  • new passwords
  • application security
    • antivirus programs
    • antispyware software
    • encryption
    • firewalls
    • Monitored internet access

5. Internet of things (IoT) security

The Internet of Things refers to a variety of important and non-critical cyber-physical systems such as devices, sensors, televisions, WiFi routers, printers, and security cameras.

Bain & Company expects …

  1. The total IoT market will grow to nearly $ 520 billion in 2021.
    2. More than double the $ 235 billion it spent in 2017.
    IoT data centers, analytics, consumer devices, networks, systems, and legacy embedded connectors are stapled technologies in the IoT market.

IoT devices are often sent to vulnerabilities and offer few or no security patches. This presents unique security challenges for all users.

In a survey conducted by Bain,

  1. Security is one of the biggest barriers to the successful adoption of the Internet of Things
    2. Companies will buy more IoT devices on average if security concerns are addressed
    3. Companies are optimistic about the business value and growth of the Internet of Things
    This requires vendors to invest in learning more about security challenges in order to propose and implement more strategic solutions. Meanwhile, evading IoT devices is nearly impossible, and finding an IT provider who can manage security is the best option.

Can’t you agree? Do you remember the important Pied Piper breakthrough in Season 5 of Silicon?

Pied Piper easily hacked into refrigerator IoT system distributor and used it to blow up the number of app users. Everything connected to the internet is at risk.

If your business uses an online product in any way, it is important to implement a defensive strategy before shipping or using the product. This is a broad claim, but vulnerable devices are everywhere …

The Solution of IoT Security

solution of IoT security

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