June 6, 2023
New Delhi

Twitter Bug: Fleet will still appear on Twitter after 24 hours

Twitter launches "Fleets" feature yesterday, posts themselves disappear within 24 hours

A fleet new tweet on Twitter, known as Fleets, should last only 24 hours. However, due to this flaw, the fleet remains accessible after it expires and will not disappear altogether. This bug was first reported by TechCrunch. And is a bug that allows other users to view and download fleets without notifying the fleet creator.

“Some fleet media URLs can be reached in 24 hours, so we’re aware of a bug that can be reached with a technical solution,” a Twitter spokeswoman said in an email to The Verge. “We are working on a fix that needs to be launched right away.”


The “workaround” shown seems to be a developer app that can destroy public account fleets via Twitter’s API. According to the company, the Twitter API does not display fleet URLs that are older than 24 hours. And once the fix is ​​published, it will not work even if someone has an active fleet URL or after the expiration date.

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Why this bug come?

The fleet only appears for 24 hours on the user’s timeline, but Twitter stores the fleet on the backend for up to 30 days. This is even longer for fleets that violate the rules and may require enforcement action. For those 30 days, the fleet can download user data on Twitter as long as Twitter holds a copy. Generally, the “monitor” action is only available when someone views the fleet through the Twitter app.

Twitter is a bit behind the disappearance of content parties-Fleets is essentially a version of Instagram or Snapchat stories that allows Twitter users on mobile to share texts, videos, photos, or other tweets for some time. It’s not retweetable and you can’t like the fleet directly, but you can reply to the fleet by clicking on the fleet. This will send the message directly to the creator of the fleet.

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