April 1, 2023
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At the end of 2021 Twitch has 24 billion hours of viewing, 45% Growth

Twitch viewership to increase by 45% in 2021 | Facebook Gaming up 47%

Twitch viewership in 2021 saw a 45% increase over the number in 2020. Facebook Gaming, on the other hand, also posted impressive numbers with a 47% increase in views year over year.

This illustration taken in Paris on July 24, 2019 shows the US live streaming video platform Twitch logo application on the screen of a tablet.

Twitch Viewership in 2021

As The Gamer reports, recent viewing time figures only show that massive streaming platform Twitch continues to grow.

The 45 percent growth that Twitch showed at the end of 2021 is actually equivalent to 24 billion hours of viewing time for its users from the abundance of video on the platform.

Twitch video content has expanded into a variety of categories over the years with the introduction of the 2021 Whirlpool section.

On top of that, the streaming site has tons of other things to offer, like game streams, tutorials on all kinds of things, and even sports and award-winning events — to name a few.

Twitch has made steady progress despite streamers boycotting the video platform on September 2.

Twitch Most Viewed Games

The latest viewership was released and matched by StreamElements, Rainmaker.gg’s analytics partner, noting that there are total game titles that have contributed significantly to billions of views on Twitch.

The logo of the VOD and streaming video game company Twitch is shown in a photo taken at the Tokyo Game Show on September 21, 2018.
These games have spent over a billion hours for each game title.

As My Nintendo News reports, the games that have garnered the most viewers on the streaming platform are “Grand Theft Auto V” or “GTA V” by Rockstar Games, “League of Legends” or “The Riot Games” by Rockstar Games. LOL “, and finally Epic Games’ battle royale” Fortnite. ”

Although these game titles have been years away since their debut, it turns out that they are still the top favorites of Twitch users.

It is worth noting that “GTA V” got 2.1 billion viewing hours, while “LOL” got 1.8 billion viewing times. Meanwhile, “Fortnite” still has 1 billion hours of viewership booked.

Facebook Gaming Viewership Increase

Elsewhere, it is learned that Facebook Gaming has surpassed Twitch in terms of growth, with a 47% increase this year from 2020.

However, it should be noted that the superiority of Meta’s streaming platform doesn’t far outweigh Twitch’s performance.

Although Facebook is growing in terms of growth rate, its growth equates to a cool 5.3 billion hours, which is a far cry from Twitch’s growth of 24 billion viewers.

But even so, it’s impressive progress for Facebook Gaming. Back on October 27th, its views have already surpassed even the YouTube game.

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