April 1, 2023
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TSM will play with academy list for 2022 LCS lock-in tournament

TSM will play with academy list for 2022 LCS lock-in tournament

TSM will play with its academy list in the LCS 2022 lock-in tournament, the team confirmed in a statement Thursday. TSM’s main list has faced complications in preparation for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Due to a number of issues related to COVID, our LCS list has not had the opportunity to come together as a team to practice and prepare for the upcoming lock-in tournament,” TSM said in a statement. “Additionally, due to pandemic-related international travel restrictions, Keiduo and Shenyi are unlikely to be in LA before the start of the locked tournament.”

While the main list is not yet ready, TSM said their academy team starts camping abroad and produces strong scrim results in the low season. The decision was made to avoid creating a combined list of players and things that needed to change during the tournament.

The organization announced its main list on December 12, consisting of Zhu “Qiduo” Xiong as midfielder, Edward “Tactical” Ra as bottom lineman, Wei “Sheny” Zi-ji as backing and Hong Kong Attitude. Former head coach Wong “Chawi”. Jing Lei. Jungles Mingy “Spica” Lu and top lane Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon return from last season.

The TSM Academy team includes Omran “V1per” Shoura in the top lane, Young “Hyper” Seo in the jungle, Ji “Takeover” Cha Hyun-min in the middle lane, Tony “Instinct” Ng and Wang “Yursan” as the bot laner. . “Sheng-Yu as support.

For some of these academy players, the locked in tournament will be their first major event, although players like V1per already have a long history in the League of Legends scene, competing for teams like FlyQuest, Dignitas QNTMPA and Immortals Academy. are.

Takeover, in turn, played for Latin American League of Legends teams Caos Latin Gamers and LDM Esports.

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