January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Tribeca announced its first official Tribeca Games selection

The organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival have announced the official opening lineup of the Tribeca Games.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that video games would be the first official picks to participate in the festival, with the finalists being eligible for the first Tribeca Game Awards.

The selection consists of eight titles, including Harold Halibut (Slow Bros.), Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Ember Lab), Lost in Random (Zoink Games), NORCO (Geography of Robots), and Sable (Shed works). I understand. .. ), Signalis (The Engine of the Roses), The Big Con (Mighty Yell), and Twelve Minutes (Luis Antonio).

All eight titles compete for the Tribeca Game Awards to “celebrate unreleased games that may excel in art and storytelling through a world of design, artistic proficiency, and immersiveness,” highlighting the Tribeca game digital show. Will also appear in.

This year’s vice president of Tribeca Games said the pick was chosen to emphasize “the great potential to tell a story in an interactive experience.” For more information on each title, please visit the Tribeca Games website.

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