January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Tinder is globally expanding its in-app face-to-face video chat capabilities

Tinder is globally expanding its in-app face-to-face video chat capabilities

Tinder is expanding the capabilities of in-app video chat globally to all users. After testing the features in several countries, world-famous dating apps are rolling out “face-to-face” features that allow users to make video calls to each other through the app itself. Users can make video calls to potential partners without relying on third-party video services or sharing other contact details. The face-to-face job only works if both parties subscribe.

The face-to-face feature, announced earlier this year, was initially only available on iOS and Android devices in some markets but is now rolling out to users around the world, according to reports. The Tinder face-to-face feature is rolling out to cities in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, and Chile. Other markets have not been announced yet. Gadget 360 has contacted Tinder India to find out more about feature availability in India. I will update this version as it becomes more clear.

Tinder’s new face-to-face video chat feature aims to make dating easier from home. This is a useful feature, especially during epidemics, and you often meet people who have additional risks.

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Other interesting features carry the risk of misuse. Users can report matches as needed by navigating to the match profile, scrolling down, and clicking Report. You can then follow the on-screen instructions.

How to use Tinder’s Face-to-Face(video calling) feature

To subscribe face-to-face, go to the match message and tap the video icon at the top of the screen. Slide the toggle switch to the right to open face to face. When both parties unlock the feature, the app will display a confirmation message. Then tap the group video chat icon at the top of the chat screen. After viewing the live video preview, you can click Connect.

You can end an ongoing video call by clicking the red hang-up button. If you receive a call in a match but don’t want to receive it, the app itself can either reject or ring the call. You will be notified that you are currently available for the match.

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