September 21, 2023
New Delhi

CFO Tim Stewart states that the Xbox Series X is out of stock until at least April 2021.

Amazon says some pre-orders for Xbox Series X won't arrive until December 31

The Xbox Series X will be out of the show until at least April 2021, according to Tim Stewart, Xbox CFO. Microsoft’s New Advanced Gaming Console – Cost Rs. $ 49,990 in India, $ 499 in the US, and £ 449 in the UK – out of stock in most parts of the world since pre-orders increased. Also, more Xbox Series X units will be available in late November.  But it appears that the display has not been meeting the demand for several months.

“I think we’ll continue to run out of supplies as the next quarter of the holiday approaches, so Microsoft Q3, Calendar Q1,” Stewart said at a virtual conference at Jeffreys Interactive Entertainment last Friday. “This isn’t the first time the Xbox division has said that. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has apologized at least twice that demand is much higher than supply. This is an attempt to alleviate his frustration. It seems like.

But for the first time, Xbox executives explained when the Xbox Series X out of stock would be resolved. Stewart added: “In the fourth quarter of the supply chain continues to move at full speed and heads a few months ago. There are a few supply profiles that meet the demand profile I think you can see it.

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 When Xbox Series X will it in stock?

“You’re going to be out of the holiday timeframe. The supply will be ramped up in the next 4, 5, or 6 months, and I really expect to see the demand profile start to fulfill. When it’s really cool.” Microsoft’s fourth-quarter is from April to June.

At this time, Xbox Series X is not available on all online platforms in India. According to the Mako Reactor, new units will be added later this week and then in late November, in line with Black Friday sales and inventory lists in the US and UK. Gadgets 360 has contacted Microsoft India to schedule the Xbox Series X to be in stock in India. We will update this report as soon as we receive the response.

Microsoft isn’t the only one short of next-generation gaming hardware. Sony’s PlayStation 5 continues to suffer the same fate. The PS5 has not yet been released in India and is not expected to be released without sufficient stock.

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