June 3, 2023
New Delhi

The top five WhatsApp features expected in 2021

features of whatsapp new version.WhatsApp is enabling 4 new features today!1 )Always Mute, to mute chats forever. 2)New Storage Usage UI more

WhatsApp is a world-famous messaging app, and the Facebook-owned apps are constantly updated with the latest security features that make the user experience easier.

WhatsApp wants to be able to compete with other apps like Telegram and Slack. Therefore, WhatsApp is expected to add more user-friendly features in 2021.

We’ve already seen features like “Missing Messages” and “Always Mute” introduced to the platform in 2020, so let’s take a look at the 2021 features for WhatsApp users.

Ringtone for Group Calls

According to multiple reports online, WhatsApp will receive the ability for users to set individual ring tones for calls to WhatsApp groups. This feature allows users to distinguish between a single call and a conference call. WhatsApp does not make any changes to the current single caller ring after updating the group call.

It has not been confirmed if the same update will be rolled out to group video calls.

Multiple device support

WhatsApp allows users to use the same account on their desktop with a browser version called WhatsApp Web. You can use this feature to mirror your WhatsApp mobile account to your desktop. But you must always have a WhatsApp mobile internet connection to use this feature.

However, WhatsApp is working on an update that allows users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices without worrying about the app’s source reliability. Recently, a screenshot of the feature was shared online. This means that it is offered to WhatsApp users.

New Wallpaper Feature

In the beta version of the Android app. We have discovered a new wallpaper feature that allows users to choose different wallpapers based on the theme used in the app. WABetaInfo reports, “If you choose the default wallpaper, you will be asked if you want to download WhatsApp Wallpaper, the official app that provides the wallpaper.”

The platform is also working on improvements for iOS users who have problems with the app’s wallpaper feature.

WhatsApp Web Calling

Desktop WhatsApp users are requesting the company to add communication capabilities to the app. WhatsApp appears to be mandatory in 2021. The platform will add voice and video calling capabilities to WhatsApp, which was also discovered in the beta version. Application version. This feature is available for some users in the US. But the final version will be available on desktop in 2021. In Details

WhatsApp Terms and Privacy Policy

WhatsApp users are required to agree to WhatsApp Terms of Service and Policies by the beginning of 2021. If you do not agree, your WhatsApp account will be deleted. This is the company’s way to get rid of some of the fake accounts and spam that have long plagued the platform.

WhatsApp is reported to update its Terms of Service on February 8th, but these dates are subject to change. In Detail

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