September 22, 2023
New Delhi

The release date of Super Smash Bros. Pilum and Mithra go live and details will be shown.

The release date of Super Smash Bros. Pilum and Mithra go live and details will be shown.

A fan of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will start the day with something special, with game director Masahiro Sakurai introducing new DLC fighters Pyra and Mytha as part of an ongoing live broadcast.

The show is expected to last about 35 minutes. Nintendo said it will announce the release date of the Fighters on the air, but there will be no further announcement of DLC fighters.

New Stage: Cloud Sea of Alrest

Nintendo begins broadcasting with talk of a new phase, Cloud Sea of Arrest. It is installed behind the giant Azulda, where Rex lives. As Azolda sails, other giants appear in the background. Additionally, other characters and their blades appear in the background – Near and Dromarch, Tiger and Poppi, Morag and Brigid, Sieg and Pandaria.

New Fighters

Sakurai said in a live broadcast that Rex was considering fighting with Bella during development but eventually decided to go another way.

Players can switch between Pila / Mithra using lower properties, similar to Seek / Zelda. Like the fighter selection screen, you can choose which one to start.

Sakurai also said that Pila specializes in strength and Mithra has the highest speed. Pilum’s side smash is a flash smash that provides “incredible” damage and firing power.

Mythra has a Foresight system that reduces damage similar to Bayonetta’s Bat Inside.

Sakurai also talked about how the physical attacks of Pila / Mithra are about the same, except that Mithra is faster and Pila is stronger. Sakurai said he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if he committed to just one fighter.

Release Date

Bella and Mithra will appear in Smash Brothers Ultimate on March 4th. Pila and Mithra are part of Volume 2 of Fighters Pass or may be purchased separately. Full Fighters Pass includes 6 characters and costs $ 30. Each character pack costs $ 6.

More Mii Fighter Costumes

Additionally, Mii Fighter customers are coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate with the new update. They will be available for 75 cents each and include the following:

  • Monster Hunter – Hunter equipment (Swordfighter)
  • Rathalos Equipment (Swordfighter)
  • Felyne (Hat)
  • Ghosts N Goblins Arthur (Swordfighter)

You can see these Mii Fighter costumes in the video below:

Pila and Mithra come from RPG Xenoblade 2, and unlike some of the other similar smash characters, Mithra is not Pila’s Echo Fighter. Alternatively, you can switch with a single character if desired. We know that this makes a difference in their final smash movement-Piraburning Sword and Mithra use Holy Arrows-but there are definitely other differences as well.

Fighters Pass Vol. Includes 2 Min, Minecraft Steve, and Sephiroth. No other fighter was identified.

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