June 3, 2023
New Delhi

The new Google app allows people to make eye to communicate

The new Google app allows people to make eye to communicate

As part of the “Experiments with Google” initiative, a new Android Google app called Look to Speak has been developed. With this new app, people can use their eyes to identify pre-made phrases and speak loudly. The new app is available to users from the Google Play store and is compatible with Android 9.0 and above, including Android One.

Assistive technology supports communities of people with speech and movement disorders, especially those who cannot speak and need help in communication.

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Look to Speak allows people to use their eyes to select pre-made phrases for speaking out loud on the phone. To quickly determine what you want to say from the list of phrases, you need to look left, right, or up. It also allows people to share their original voice.

The line-of-sight sensitivity setting is adjustable, and Google claims that all data is private and will never leave the phone. To help people use this app, Google has created tutorials and guides with tips on how to place your phone and how to use simplified eye-eye interactions.


Look to Speak is a “Start with One” project on the “Experiments with Google” platform. According to the app’s official blog, Look To Speak may work in places where other communication devices cannot move easily, such as outdoors. In transit, showers, emergencies.

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