September 25, 2023
New Delhi

The Netflix Mobile+ new 299 plan returns to India at a lower price

Netflix to Offer Free Trial of Its Service for a Weekend That Will Begin in India

Netflix is ​​testing the new Rs. 299 Mobile + monthly plan in India, which allows members to stream 720p HD video and access the streaming services on their computers (PC, Mac, Chromebook, etc.). In terms of benefits and price, it sits between the two existing Rs plans. 199 mobile and rupees. 649 standard. Netflix’s mobile plan is limited to standard definition (SD) 480p video quality and mobile devices, but Standard has moved to Full HD 1080p video to access computers and devices in the living room (TVs, consoles, smart devices). I can do it. However, as with the mobile phone, the new Mobile + does not allow you to watch on TV or simultaneously on screens, as Standard does.

In a statement for Gadget 360 Netflix, “We launched a mobile plan in India to make Netflix easier for anyone with a smartphone. We want to know if anyone will like the additional features that Mobile + has to offer. Deploy for long-term deployment only. ”

This isn’t the first time Netflix has tested a mobile + plan in India. He offered the same thing last July, except that the price was set to Rs. 349 Well then. It was not widely accepted, suggesting that participants did not find value in it. Netflix is ​​currently retrying at a lower price to see if it improves performance.

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As I said at the time, there is an argument that Mobile + seems to be ready for a “new basic”. On the one hand, it’s time for Netflix to throw away SD streaming from all plans. And second, Mobile + is perfect for those who don’t have a TV or don’t like the big screen.

After all, Netflix subscribers in India watch more on their mobile phones than any other subscriber in the world.

A new mobile + test was also discovered in another medium. Amazon announced Prime Video Mobile Edition for Rs in January. 89 per month. Of course, this competes with Netflix Mobile. And most importantly, it’s limited to Airtel prepaid customers.

Like the Netflix benchmark, the new rupee. The 299 Mobile + plan has been tested by some customers and may not appear when you visit the website.

India isn’t the only market to test Mobile + plans. Netflix experimented in Poland last February (it also supported dual-screen display), then started in Egypt and South Africa (limited to SD resolution) and experimented all over Africa.

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