February 3, 2023
New Delhi

The Hulu app rewinds apps when users pause and play them

The Hulu app rewinds apps when users pause and play them

Hulu customers have encountered several issues and the video-on-demand service provider is trying to resolve them.

Among them, the channel is temporarily unavailable, error code: P-DEV318 and problems with loud ads.

Now customers are reporting a new issue where they are unable to view programs where they left off.

According to recent reports, the Hulu app rewinds and even restarts the application when users play them after pausing for a while.

For some Hulu users, programs start from the beginning when they resume after pausing, and for others, content rewinds in mere seconds and even minutes.


Problems like these can be quite annoying, especially when you pay for a service. Subscribers generally expect a smooth experience, but that does not seem to be the case with Hulu.

While the service provider is trying to solve the existing problems, it is not a good sign that new problems like this keep popping up.

So whether the said problem really needs widespread recognition or solution is anyone’s guess.

Hopefully Hulu will resolve all these issues soon as they have been causing inconvenience to customers for some time.

Update 2 (July 28)
IST 10:00 AM: It seems that users are still facing the issue where programs are rewinding when run after pausing for some time. Hulu is also still investigating the issue.

Update 3 (December 17)
IST 05:31 PM: Some users still report the issue where the program automatically returns to the previous episode when users pause it for a while.

And yet, Hulu acknowledged the problem and said they are aware of the bug and are working to resolve it. So it seems that this problem still exists and there is no permanent solution yet.

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