June 6, 2023
New Delhi

The horror game “Level Zero” comes to Steam in September. 17

The horror game "Level Zero" comes to Steam in September. 17

Doghall Games has announced that Level Zero, a tactical online multiplayer first-person horror game, will hit Steam on September 17th.

Level Zero is based on a confrontation between two teams, with an emphasis on a terrifying atmosphere. Real people, real fear. The events take place on a space station that has suffered a disaster due to an attack by hostile creatures.

Play as station crews by finding essential parts and repairing power management systems while escaping hostile dungeons. As monsters, use various telepathic abilities to damage electronics to eliminate any remaining crews on the station.

Level Zero will be released in Early Access. The full version of the game will include card extensions, new and improved male and female characters, as well as new monsters, more random events and screams to improve the atmosphere among other features.

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