October 3, 2023
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The first rollable phone LG, Teaser show in CES 2021, Release date, Price

The first rollable phone LG, Teaser show in CES 2021, Release date, Price

Thanks to patents, leaks, and vague harassment, LG has known for some time that it was developing a rotatable smartphone, but the company has officially confirmed this and, as rumored, the name is for sure. Revealed to be an LG Rollable.

The company currently confirms that such a phone works, but nothing else has been revealed, but everything we know and everything is compelling. Here are some leaks and rumors.

Includes design details, specifications, pricing, and release date. Whenever I hear something new about the LG Rollable, I’ll add it to this article so check for updates.

The first rollable phone LG, Teaser show in CES 2021, Release date, Price

LG Rollable release date and price

According to a report from South Korea, the LG Rollable will be announced in early 2021. Therefore, it may land soon.

The only other rumors about the LG Rollable’s release date come from a leak that hasn’t been proven yet, so I’ll cover it with a little salt. But that’s in line with other leaked timeframes, they say the phone is likely to be announced in March but adds that it could be delayed until June.

March is definitely possible, as the phone’s name and front design (details below) were confirmed by LG in January, so the phone is very likely to be announced shortly.

Sources interviewed with CNET suggested that LG Rollable is a complete device to be announced: “later this year.” TechRadar asked LG for comment but said it couldn’t provide details at this time.

As for the price, the LG Rollable is priced at $ 2,359 (about £ 1,775, $ 3,130 AU), which is more expensive than something like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, according to the same sources. But it’s completely new. Being a phone type, it definitely costs a lot, regardless of whether the price tag is correct.

The first rollable phone LG, Teaser show in CES 2021, Release date, Price

However, TCL and Oppo are also working on rotatable phones, so there might be a lot of foldable phones right away. These seem to be in the concept stage at the moment so maybe not as much as LG, but when there is competition in the market, prices can drop quickly.

LG Rollable news, leaks, and rumors

The biggest news about LG Rollable is from LG itself. This shows what the phone looks like from the front and what it looks like when resized. You can see it all in the GIF above.

In other words, it looks like a normal smartphone, but you can stretch the top (in landscape mode) upwards to create a small tablet. The front camera doesn’t seem to be visible. This may not be the final shape of the device or it may be integrated into the screen.

Earlier, I saw a very similar design in an LG patent. As you can see in the image above, the patent allows both sides of the phone to stretch, but the LG Teaser does that on only one side. This can mean only one side of the final phone, but it’s also possible that both will and LG chose just one display.

In terms of specifications, one report reports that the LG Rollable has a 7.4-inch screen when fully stretched and a 6.8-inch screen when not fully stretched.

LG Rollable Specification

A Korean forum post found by LetsGoDigital says the same thing, but also includes the image shown below (similar to what LG is currently showing) and additional details-7.4 inches. The resolution is clearly 1600 x 2428 and is displayed at 6.8 inches 1080 x 2428.

Similarly, another source claims that LG Rollable has a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 888 chipset, 16GB of RAM, a 4,200mAh battery, and a 7.4-inch screen.

This aspect is probably accurate, as all these leaks show the same screen size. It is also expected to be the main phone chipset in 2021, so it is very likely that it will be the Snapdragon 888 chipset.

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