October 3, 2023
New Delhi

The Chinese Tianwen-1 mission will attempt to land the Brave Mars Rover on Friday

View of Mars captured by the Chinese spacecraft Tianwen-1

China could soon become the third country to safely touch the surface of Mars.

On Friday, the China National Space Administration will attempt to land its rover. On the red planet Yurong, Mars is known as the “seven-minute horror” performed by exploration robots. According to Chinese space observers.

The ambitious Tianwen-1 mission was launched to Mars in July 2020 and consists of three spacecraft: an orbit that is now orbiting Mars, a probe, and a spacecraft. This is the first Chinese mission to Mars, and landing on the planet is difficult – only half of the missions on the planet have been successful and no company other than NASA has landed on the surface since 1973.

Chinese Tianwen-1 mission landing time

China has been relatively calm about when to start an entry, disembark, and landing, but reports indicated it will be on May 14 at 4:11 PM PDT (11:11 PM UTC). Protective projectile, but it detaches from the forward orbit and begins to move towards the surface.

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When it collides with the atmosphere of Mars, a seven-minute panic begins. The Lander-Rover pair is firmly tucked into the hot shield. Once the spacecraft is punctured, the heat shield will collapse and a parachute will be used to slow the craft.

The Jurong landing will be slightly different from the one built by NASA’s rover in February. NASA experimented with the mechanism and carefully landed on the surface using a true “SkyTrain” method, which made the probe gently touch the bottom of an ancient Mars lake.

The Jorong Dynasty was similar to caring, but the probe would do all the work. Uses cameras and grip devices to move to the roof. If the touch succeeds, it will orbit Mars and send a curve to Jurong to begin its expedition mission.

Utopia Planetia, a Mars-like region, was touched by NASA’s Viking 2 probe in 1976. The Viking 2 mission was particularly interesting, some scientists have suggested, with signs of life on it.

China plans to spend 90 joules (Tuesday) on the roof.

We’re sure there will be direct contact, if available – but if there has been any flight from Chang to State Moon, I don’t expect to see much until the landing is confirmed. For those hungry for detailed information, I recommend following Andrew Jones’ press and Astronomy Geeky OS Cosmic_Penguin.

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