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The Best action games for pc in 2021

The Best action games for pc in 2021

The Division 2

The Best action games for pc all times

The Division 2 isn’t exactly a clone of Destiny, but it’s one of the closest experiences you can get if you’re interested in a game similar to loot and shooter with lots of edge-of-the-seat activities. The campaign will take you to Washington, the virus-corrupted capital, fraught with dangers, but it’s the raids, PvP modes, and other end-game content that encourages you to stick around.

Several updates and changes to the life of the Second Division have made them more enjoyable and have also kept the player base intact – and ongoing seasons and major updates are planned for the future. Oh, if you decide you like it, follow Massive Key’s plans for the upcoming Star Wars game!

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Outriders Crafting Guide. | The Best action games for pc all times

Third Judy Third Person has much more in common with fate, as you choose from four types of superpowered humans (Earth, Fire, Technology and Time Based) to fight against enemies and wildlife in a hostile alien world. . However, the loot is more reminiscent of the ARPG and can quickly become addictive to a bargain or creation, especially when you develop new modifications or abilities for your rifles and armor. There are also more unique elements, like “cure by killing” mechanics and some innovative teleportation abilities – you’ll want to experiment a bit with everything at first.

While Outriders initially stumbled a bit with some bugs and balance issues, it was with fixes, booty boosts and other changes, which means it’s the perfect time to give it a try. Individual players will find a lot to love here, but when you get to the final game you will want to join for great results!

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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 classes. | The Best action games for pc all times

More crazy guns, more interstellar fun and more loot to find – if you enjoy the gameplay of previous Borderlands games, you should definitely try jumping into the third episode! While the story does include some recurring characters, this time around you have four new lessons to experiment with, and new ability interactions that make your composition more enjoyable than ever. The final game can increase the difficulty and face dangerous bosses for better loot, but don’t worry: Borderlands 3 remains game-by-game, both single-player and team.

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World War Z

Street in World War Z game with shooters and zombies. | The Best action games for pc all times

Yes, World War Z is a game and also a book and a movie, but you do not have to know much about the world full of zombies to appreciate the game and missions here. Think of it as if Left 4 Dead meets fate, gives you a variety of lessons with your own abilities and throws you into maps where the threat of swarms of zombies constantly exists. Connect with friends, discover and upgrade powerful weapons, and know the right time to build a defense – and the right time to start running. The tasks are relatively short and easy to get into, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on fast races.

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Warframe fight in a hallway. | The Best action games for pc all times

A free science fiction game to play with languages, intuitive action, powerful abilities, and a dedicated community… that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Warframe is a deterrent to jumping in, with a lot to learn about the game’s universe and how to play/design, but if you really want to sink your teeth into something, we suggest giving it a shot. Just play the opening tasks and explore each new mechanic as you find them. Luckily, experienced players show up to offer tips (and show their framework) so you can pick things up in no time. Remember, while you can easily find and buy images for new frames, you’re locked into your starter frame and you can’t create a new character, so choose wisely!

Deep Rock Galactic

Fighting insects in the Deep Rock Galactic mines. | The Best action games for pc all times

This massive indie hit really deserves praise, and once you join the other space dwarves on a dangerous mining mission, you will see how addictive it can be. Each mission is roughly divided into two parts – first, navigating a fully filled space environment to find the best ores, then sifting through waves of predatory insect armies back to your ship. Each dwarf class has abilities that are suitable for both operation and an incredibly deep leveling system, so there is a lot to explore here … especially if you bring friends. Rock and stone!

Monster Hunter: World

Player in Monster Hunter World gathering materials. | The Best action games for pc all times

While Hunter: World has technically technical guns (and bows), it might not satisfy everyone’s idea of ​​a loot shot — but we encourage you to give it a try. Choose your favorite weapon, explore the fantastic environment and take out all kinds of giant monsters. It’s incredibly fun. However, the world shines the most when you can collaborate with friends and hunt down the most dangerous game of all (in this case, usually giant dragons). Bringing giant beasts together is always worthwhile, and the variety of creations and upgrades means you can keep improving, too.


Javelin suits posing in Anthem. | The Best action games for pc all times

While anthem support may be over, the game is still available, playful and lucrative especially if you are looking for promotions. Choose your favorite spear suit, equip it with powerful abilities, and work to create combinations with your friends to deal with maximum damage in alien worlds – all while enjoying an iron-like flying fantasy that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. If you’ve never tried the anthem and you’re worried it might be too late, we encourage you to jump in and see what you think, especially if you can bring fellow musicians along (although the anthem is possible to play solo, we do not really recommend it).

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Ninja Doctrine can build solid combat systems in its sleep. If all Halblade: Snow’s hunts went for were their intimate and tactical combat encounters, we’d still recommend it. What makes this a truly special game, however, is that fighting ancient Celtic and Norse hell along the way ultimately serves as a crude and powerful metaphor for the mental health problems afflicting the main character in a spectacular performance by Melina Jorgens.


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