June 1, 2023
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Telegram channels releases pinned messages, live location, and other new features

Telegram channels launches some pinned messages, live location, and other new features

Messaging app Telegram has launched a host of new features. The company has rolled out features such as Multiple Pinned messages, Live Location 2.0, and an easy music Playlist sharing option. Apart from this, the messaging app has rolled out Channel Post Stats for the group or channel admin. Telegram has also released a set of Halloween stickers for Android users.

Telegram channel new feature

Pinned multiple messages at a time

Multiple pinned messages feature will allow members to pin multiple messages at a time. The Channel or group admins can only pin multiple messages off their audiences.

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“Now there is no need to pin a single long message to gain the attention of the members to important communications as admins can divide it into multiple smaller versions. Moreover, Telegram has enabled this feature for a one-on-one chat in addition to the Groups and Channels. There is a button available on the top right corner of the chat section, users can click to see all the pinned messages together on a separate page,” the company said in a statement.

Live Location 2.0 notification

Another feature that has been rolled out is the Live Location 2.0 feature. The company says that it’s n update to the previous feature. The new feature would let users on Telegram get an alert with a notification whenever the person has come closer who has shared his or her live location with the respective user. This notification can be set in accordance with the distance, for instance, 0.5KM, 1KM, etc.

Send multiple songs as a whole playlist

Telegram has also released a dedicated new feature for the music lovers caller the Playlists. This feature would let the users send multiple songs as a whole playlist. So when you send multiple songs to a user, it would be converted to a playlist.

The messaging app has rolled out a dedicated feature for the group admins and it is called Channel Post Stats. This new feature would let the admins monitor the performance of specific messages shared in terms of views and the number of times it has forwarded to other Channels or groups. It will also provide the admin a list of Public Channels where the message has been re-shared.

Apart from the new features, Telegram has also introduced a new set of Halloween animated emojis and a special slot machine emoji for users.

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