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Whatsapp will Update its Terms and Services in 2021 accept it or lose your account

5 Upcoming Whatsapp feature this year || Instagram Reels on now Whatsapp

Voice messages playback speed features coming in WhatsApp According to WhatsApp’s new feature tracking site, WaBetaInfo, messaging apps are testing voice messages. According to the information, there are currently three new speeds for voice messaging. You can now also control your voice notes. WhatsApp will

Indian WhatsApp alternative Sandes tested by the Government of India

Indian WhatsApp alternative Sandes tested by the Government of India

Recently it was revealed that government officials have switched to the Indian replacement for WhatsApp – Sandes. It is reported that the application is ready and tested in ministries. Business Standards News says the Indian government has confirmed plans to work on features like WhatsApp

Head of Whatsapp Will Cathcart said the recent update of WhatsApp does not change data sharing practices with Facebook.

After agreed to the new WhatsApp policy. How do I undo it?

You cannot refuse this. If you were to actually read the policy when viewing it, you would see that you have the following options: Accept policy or 2. Stop using WhatsApp Most people are not aware that the “new” policy is exactly the same as

Whatsapp Read Later feature Improvment of archive chat

Whatsapp Read Later feature Improvement of archive chat

Over the past few months, we’ve heard chatter about WhatsApp planning to improve its chat archiving capabilities. With the current implementation, archive chats reappear when new messages arrive, cluttering your inbox. Previously, it was rumored that WhatsApp was working to fix this inconvenience in the

Signal App vs WhatsApp: Key features; all you need to know

Signal App vs WhatsApp: Key features that all you need to know

Many users are being incentivized to stop using WhatsApp and switch to Signal after WhatsApp’s privacy policy change. The app was created by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, US whistleblower Edward Snowden, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, Oscar-winning director, and journalist Laura