January 31, 2023
New Delhi

SpaceX launches Transporter-1 flights on Today. Watch live here

SpaceX today launches the Dragon Cargo Ship at the NASA International Space Station: watch it live.

Cape Canaveral, Florida-SpaceX is preparing one of its veteran rockets to launch a group of small satellites into space on Saturday (January 23). You can watch fiery live online.

A two-stage flight of the Falcon 9 rocket will take off from Space Ranch Complex 40 here at Cape Canaveral Space Force Base in Florida. It will take off within an hour, which opens at 9:40 am. EST (1440GMT).

Dozens of satellites are floating on a 230-foot (70 m) launch pad as part of a mission dedicated to flight sharing. Known as Transporter-1, the space compound transports the company’s 10 Starlink satellites into space and places them in polar orbit. This is the first satellite to expand its network of broadband satellites. Other payloads include 48 Earth observation SuperDove satellites for Earth and a small nanosatellite called “Charlie” for Aurora Insight.

Watch live SpaceX Transporter-1 here

Thanks to SpaceX’s courtesy, you can watch the launch event live here and on the SPACE.com homepage. Or you can watch it live from SpaceX about 15 minutes before takeoff.

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The launch on Saturday is the third SpaceX mission in 2021 and the second mission in just two days from Space Coast in Florida. A California-based missile maker launched another Falcon 9 rocket on a record flight on Wednesday (Jan.20), putting a full set of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit.

The booster used in that mission was the first to launch and land eight times in SpaceX’s frequent flyer service. (The previous record was seven, held by two different Stage 1 boosters.)

After takeoff on Saturday, the first stage of the Transporter-1 Falcon 9 will land on board the SpaceX unmanned vessel “Of course I still love you” waiting in the Atlantic Ocean. If successful, this marks the 73rd recovery of SpaceX’s first boost phase.

This will also be the first fishing of the year for a veteran drone that has completed two missions during the renovation.

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle for Transporter-1 is a four-time pilot and has set a record. This proven booster aircraft, known as the B1058, will begin its fifth flight and, if everything goes according to plan, will be ready to land in the ocean.

The B1058 was the first manned flight to take off from US soil since the end of the 2011 Space Shuttle program, making history in May when it launched two NASA astronauts (Dagharley and Bob Benken) to the International Space Station. I did.

Decorated with the iconic NASA worm logo, the booster flew the Korean Army’s communications satellites, Starlink satellite sets, and Dragon cargo capsules to the International Space Station for SpaceX’s 21st cargo supply mission.

In the next mission, veterans will act as a sort of space Uber, putting a group of small satellites into orbit as part of the SpaceX rideshare program. The program aims to allow small satellites to reach space by sharing their journeys like a Uber gathering.

SpaceX announced the program in August 2020, offering a $ 1 million flight on the Falcon. The release period is booked from the company’s website and is offered on a regular basis about four times a year.

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The Rideshares mission is nothing new to SpaceX, as it launched more than 60 satellites from the California launch pad in December 2018. This mission, called SSO-A, sent a small fleet of satellites into low earth orbit via orbit ballet. .. It is carefully designed so that the satellites do not collide with each other.

Since then, SpaceX has carried other payloads into space on several Starlink missions. These missions included small cubic satellites for Planet and Black Sky.

The two boats will be equipped with a SpaceX network (named GO Ms). Tree and GO Chief-Part of the recovery team deployed for this assignment. After returning to Earth, they attempt to retrieve two parts of the missile nose cone, known as a payload gift.

The dynamic duo supported Starlink missions earlier this week and is currently heading to the landing area for Transporter-1 missions. (Each cruise hemisphere is equipped with a parachute and navigation software that guides you to a designated landing area in the Atlantic Ocean.)

For Starlink missions, the boat flushes debris from the water and could do the same for this mission. This decision will be officially made on the launch date.

For now, the weather forecast predicts that there is a 60% chance of a good launch on Saturday. The only weather concern is the possibility of thick clouds at the launch site.

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