January 28, 2023
New Delhi

SpaceX launch 60 starlink Satellites Today | Starlink provides high speed internet satellites in space

SpaceX to launch its Starship prototype, Watch it live here

A new live stream from SpaceX is currently launching (see below) and this time the mission is not to introduce astronauts, but satellites for something you can actually buy right now: high-speed internet from space.

The SpaceX Starlink launch will put 60 satellites into orbit (there are already 1,000 floating satellites there). The payload, which consumers benefit from in the night sky, will be dumped from a space force station at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

SpaceX is broadcasting live now. Start time: Monday, 10:59 PM ET / 7:59 PM EST, or Tuesday 3:59 AM GMT / 2:59 PM ET. As with any launch of SpaceX, you need to adjust within a few minutes before the Falcon 9 rocket ignites, so plan to watch before the publication date. Here’s a live broadcast of the SpaceX launch:

A private space company founded by Elon Musk is determined to bring the Internet to the world by placing satellites in space and streaming high-speed, low-latency Internet to satellites.

This is the main feature of rural communities where fast internet is intermittent and absent. A long strand of fiber optic cables has been a problem for cable companies trying to serve a small number of rural residents located outside of densely populated cities and suburbs.

SpaceX says it wants to change that. Starlink speeds are expected to be between 50MB / s and 150MB / s, according to SpaceX’s official Starlink subscription page, with latency expected to be between 20ms and 40ms in most locations.

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