October 3, 2023
New Delhi

Reliance Jio introduces a new prepaid annual plan with 504GB of data and a 336-day validity period

Reliance Jio introduces a new prepaid annual plan with 504GB of data and a 336-day validity period, tech news

Reliance Jio has created a new comprehensive prepaid annual plan with a longer life span for all users. The recently introduced plan includes three offers for prepaid users. The three plans are offered at Rs 1,001, Rs 1,301 and Rs 1,501, which saves up to 504 GB of data with a validity period of 336 days. According to companies, these annual plans are better for Jio customers who prefer a one-time fee than the monthly plan.

Users who opt for the comprehensive annual plan of Rs 1,001 will get 49GB of data and will be limited to 150MB per day. After consuming this, the data speed will drop to 64Kbps for the rest of the day. Users also have 12,000 minutes of FUP for unlimited Jio-to-Jio audio and Jio-to-non-Jio voice calls. Additionally, users get 100 SMS per day and a free subscription to the Jio app. This plan is valid for 336 days.

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The second plan offered by the company is 1,301 rupees and it is also an annual comprehensive plan. This plan provides prepaid Jio users a total of 164GB of data, along with 500MB per day. Apart from this, the other benefits offered by this plan are the same as the Rs1,001 plan, such as unlimited voice calls from Jio to Jio and 100 SMS per day. The cost of the comprehensive third annual plan is Rs 1,501, giving users 1.5 GB per day for a total of 504 GB of data. When consuming 1.5GB, the daily data speed will be reduced. This plan also shares the same communication, message, and effectiveness benefits as the other two.

So far, Jio has offered four all-in-one plans from Rs 75 to Rs 185. These bundles are valid for 28 days and can save up to 56GB of data. Now you can use 2GB of data every day. All voice calls from Jio to non-Jio are less than 1/500 FUP. The Rs185 and Rs155 plans deliver 100 text messages per day.

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