January 28, 2023
New Delhi

PUBG Mobile is coming again in India leaked

PUBG Mobile is coming agian in India leaked

PUBG Mobile will be available in India in a few months at the earliest. However, as previously reported, the game will be released as Battlegrounds Mobile India, not PUBG Mobile India. This has been confirmed by the company itself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Before delving into further details, find out when PUBG Mobile India or Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched in the country.

According to a new report from Sportskeeda, the game may be released in May or June of this year. Yes, it is. Maxtern, a popular content creator at PUBG Mobile Circuit, shares this exclusive information on its website.

“As you know, all posts except for the coming soon teaser that was released last year have been removed from the game’s Instagram handle. As far as I know, all of these posts have changed all the brands that they own. This indicates that we don’t want the old name to have it,” said Maxtern. In attendance, we are at a fresh start with “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

“I think it will be announced soon. The game may be released by the end of May or the end of June. Otherwise, there will be no hype around the game.”

Maxtern also said, “I’ve seen a lot of comments that the game wasn’t allowed, but there’s only one post left on my Instagram profile, and there’s a lot of other development going on, so I’ll be back soon. I think it will come. ”

PUBG Mobile India deletes all Instagram, Facebook posts

PUBG Mobile is coming agian in India leaked

PUBG Mobile is coming agian in India leaked

Before its release, PUBG Mobile India removed all Instagram and Facebook posts. It seems the company just wants to forget about the past and move forward. All posts, including the official PUBG Mobile India Release Teaser, have been removed from both the official Instagram and Facebook channels. However, there is no official word on when the game will be released in India, but with these small activities, the company is definitely hinting at the imminent release of a popular mobile game.

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