September 22, 2023
New Delhi

PS5 price and release date in india announced by Sony(from 39,990 rupees).

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  • Sony PlayStation 5 will cost Rs 49,990 in India.
  • The price of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in India is going to be Rs 39,990.
  • The PlayStation 5 launch date for India is rumored to be November 19.


Sony revealed the price of PlayStation 5 in Japan. Pricing for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has been revealed. PlayStation 5 is priced at Rs 49,990 in India and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is priced at Rs 39,990.

The PlayStation 5 is the same price as the Xbox X that Microsoft announced earlier. Like PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox X costs Rs 49,990. However, the price for the PlayStation 5 digital edition differs from the Microsoft Xbox Series S equivalent edition. The Xbox Series S is priced at Rs 34,990 in India while the PlayStation 5 digital edition is priced at Rs 39,990.

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There are no official details on when the PlayStation 5 will be available in India. There seems to be a copyright tangle called PS5 that Sony should resolve first, but rumors about PlayStation 5 India release date are starting to emerge. PlayStation 5 will be available in India on November 19, according to a report released on October 16.

Microsoft previously confirmed that the Xbox Series X and Series S devices will be available in India on November 10, and pre-orders for both devices have already begun in India.

Aside from the PlayStation 5 details, Sony has also revealed that the DualSense Wireless Controllers for these controllers will cost R5,990 in India.

The next generation of Sony and Microsoft take advantage of AMD graphics and general-purpose devices. Both devices have an octa-core processor, but the Xbox’s initial graphics performance is slightly higher. Once again, the feature sets, exclusive titles, and other details differ between the two-game consoles, so we don’t directly compare the value of the PS5 and Xbox X.

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