January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Pre-registration of FAU-G on Google Play Cross is 1 million in 3 days, developer announced

Pre-registration of FAU-G on Google Play Cross is 1 million in 3 days, developer announced, FAU-G release date is on 26 jan

Developers announced that FAU-G mobile games had crossed 1 million pre-registrations in just three days after it hit the Google Play Store. The FAU-G was originally scheduled to arrive in October, but its launch has been delayed to November. The mobile shooting game finally appeared on the Google Play Store on November 30th, but only for pre-registration. The final release date has not been revealed. FAU-G (short for Fearless and United Guards) was promoted for adopting PUBG Mobile India, which is a slightly modified version of the global variant of PUBG. This will be released soon.

Bangalore-based developer nCore Games announced on Twitter the pre-registration number for the game. Pre-registration for the game started 3 days ago in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the fact that it does not feature in the Apple App Store for iOS devices means that developers are currently sticking to Android games only. You probably mean. Pre-registered users will receive an instant notification that the game is available for download. The game will be downloaded and installed automatically on the target device.


FAU-G’s list of Google Play stores doesn’t disclose details about availability, download sizes, or a list of compatible devices, but sources say it’s scheduled for this month. However, it does include explanations that give a fair idea of ​​the game story and gameplay.

The game is co-developed by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who has been promoting the game since its launch in October. The joke hinted that the game could have a level that simulates a Gallowan Valley clash between Indian and Chinese troops along the actual control line (LAC). However, this explanation shows that the story of FAU-G can be completely centered on Indian soldiers “at the top of India’s northern border.” The character is called FAU-G Commando, an elite group of Indian soldiers patrolling dangerous areas.

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