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Pokémon Unite Tier List: Travenant Release Edition

Pokémon Unite Tier List: Travenant Release Edition

The solo queue in Pokémon Unite is a very difficult journey that can easily overtake any player attempting to climb. To help players understand the meta and therefore climb more efficiently, here is a Pokemon Unite list that leads to a single ranked game. This row list applies in part to doubles and trios, but certainly does not apply to groups of five. This particular list was also released right after Travenant’s debut in Pokemon Unite. Pokemon hierarchy may change as more research is received.

All Roles Tier List

Overall, the S Tier picks perform amazingly well when playing the game alone. Whether it’s through injuries, healing, crowd control or even stung targets, they simply carry the MVP mark on the screen after the game. Locking these options, provided they go in the right lane, drastically increases the success rate of a single queue.

A-Level is also good enough, but a little more team-dependent than S-Level. Basically, they require slightly more finicky conditions. Some picks definitely require a front line or designated goal scorer, while some of them lack injuries, but instead provide massive utility.

Most B tier Pokemon have better counterparts in both A tier and S tier. But those who are really fond of Pokemon can certainly still experience success.

And finally, C-tier Pokémon should be avoided when trying to maximize payout rates in ranked matches. They can still jump, but the prerequisites are certainly great. Either the enemy doesn’t need to know how to play against them, or the whole team will have to adapt to their playing style. Either way, they are not optimal for a single queue environment.

With all the overall locations across the road, it’s time to get into each role, with some notable options for each. Starting with followers.

Supporters Tier List

Pokémon Unite Tier List: Travenant Release Edition

Mr. Mime

This Pokemon is honestly a monster in the solo queue. It’s labeled “pro”, but Mr. Mime is far from traditional approval. The pickup was not very strong for a while, but the more people who know how to play it, the more amazing it sounds. Mr. Mime’s early game breakout injuries are not balanced, especially when angling and the timing of its skills are shot against the terrain. And when Mr. Mime gets to know his Unite move, Pick causes chaos during team fights. While not the easiest Pokemon to master that requires strong game knowledge and positioning, the high skill ceiling on Pokemon is definitely worth learning.


Sing and rollout are both great moves on Wigglytuff. The amount of mobs that can bring this Pokemon into big team battles of dreadnoughts, rotoms, and zapados is insane. Vocal is easy to use, while Rollout certainly has a higher skill limit. But whatever it is, building Wigglytuff with pure defensive items makes a Pokémon a complete unit. Its passivity turns the Pokemon on its side, but thanks to its defensive abilities, Wiglytuff is not afraid of any man or Pokemon.

Defenders Tier List

Pokémon Unite Tier List: Travenant Release Edition

Slow forehead

Lazy Water Pokemon is one of those cases where if the team knows how to play around it, it is incredibly overpowered. So when playing in groups, this would be a handy S-level Pokemon. But unfortunately, because communication and teamwork barely exist in a single queue, Slowbro is at level A. The Slowbrow excels absurdly enough to shut enemies down for long periods of time. The point is that it fights to defeat the enemy, but the abundant amount of time it creates is more than enough for its teammates to defeat them.


Tree Pokemon perform amazingly while defending their base. Thanks to its power range, the CC, as well as multiple percussion moves, can disrupt the scoring of Trevenant enemies quite effectively. But a problem with the choice is that Trivenant is struggling to reap the benefits of moving faster and forward, especially when a more stable move is on the way. Therefore, scoring is a minor issue. In a game strongly determined by offensive strategies and push, Trevenant lacks the qualities needed to be considered more than a B-tier.

All-Rounders Tier List


When this Pokémon first appeared, many in the community thought Dragonite felt a bit clumsy and awkward. But as players got used to its set, especially with Dragons Dance and Hyperbeam, the doomed nature of Dragonite’s single carry meta became known. Hyperbeam burst damage literally destroys all Pokémon, and the Dragonites kit’s mobility is wildly good. Additionally, when Dragonite combines the Score Shield, Buddy Barrier and Goal Getter, Dragonite takes off and scores maximum points with little or no counter play.

Pokémon Unite Tier List: Travenant Release Edition


There’s a lot of nerves in this particular Pokémon but it’s great nonetheless. In competitive games, Lusario is the best single top-level Pokémon. But given that the single queue almost never allows Lucario to go on top alone, the substitute attacker cannot perform his primary dunk strategy of effectively stacking the weight. Therefore, the choice falls. Although still viable, Lucario is no longer standing at S level in front of the oncoming nerves.

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