June 3, 2023
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Pokémon Go Oshawot Community Day: Everything you need to know


Pokémon Go’s latest community day is here and it focuses on the water-type launcher Pokémon Oshavot. Pokémon Go holds its monthly community days today at 11 a.m. local time. This month’s Community Day will focus on Oshavot, one of Pokémon Black and White’s starting pokemons. While Oshavot and the options it develops won’t cause waves in the Pokémon Go tournament, many Pokémon Go players are still excited to get their hands on a shiny Oshavote for the first time.

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s Pokémon Go.

Oshawot Community Day – Times and Dates

Oshawott’s Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on September 19th.

Oshawott Community Day – Exclusive Moves

Every Dewott who has grown into a full Samurot knows about the water-type Move Hydro Cannon. Hydro Cannon is a relatively low energy charge move that causes 80 damage and is considered one of the best water type moves in the game. Unfortunately, all water-type Pokémon with Community Day have access to Hydro Cannon, so the move isn’t as exciting as before.

In addition, Samurott will kick-start Razor Shell with today’s Community Day event. Razor Shell is a low-energy / low-damage water-type movement with a 50% chance of reducing your opponent’s defenses. While the opportunity to reduce the defensive situation is fascinating, Hydro Cannon is a stronger attack, providing only twice as much energy to the other five.

PvP Usefulness of Samurott in Pokemon Go

Hydro Kenonin is included in Samrotin, which is described as Pokemonil Overcrowding in the Great League and Ultra League Game. The best alternatives are Adding Ships to the Waterfall Nation, and Adding Megahorn to Toisexi Latouslikki Anta Pelajele Extra Cover for the Bridge, Eta O Tormavete Grass Pokemon. Wakka Go Battle League – The game is Viella Better Water Type Pokemon, Samrot Can At Least Pisya Asparagus and Smoke Votit Tittija Popular Pokemon Giant Molemisa Elemisa Competitive.

Oshawott Community Day – Other Bonuses

Oshavot Community Day also includes a 3X XP bonus to help players level up quickly. As with other community days, the effectiveness of both incense and lures is amplified during the event and lasts three hours.

Like other Community Day events, Oshavot Community Days also offers a dazzling Oshavot rate. Shiny Oshavot’s face is cream-colored and the body is dark blue and the nose is darker than usual. Here’s a close-up of Oshavot’s dazzling shape.

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