January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Please GameStop it, Hollywood

Please GameStop it, Hollywood

Well, writers, directors, writers, production companies we understand that. You have some experience in storytelling on Wall Street, the video game industry, or social media, and the true story of Reddit raising the stock of sick video game retailers to a completely ridiculous height with all their might. There are some huge dollar signs in. In addition to the story of David and Goliath, it probably can’t stand the scrutiny.

So you make movies (4 of them) and TV shows. why not? No one is eligible for such a news event!

As of Friday, February 5:

  • HBO has a film from the man who wrote Too Big to Fail and co-produced Showtime’s Billions.
  • MGM chose the movie based on a book that hasn’t been written yet. The author probably knows from the book that became David Fincher’s social network.
  • Netflix will be in talks with the writers of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty to write another movie. The role will be played by one of the nice guys from “To You Who Loved You”.
  • The author and director of Console Wars (books and movies) now have a “fully funded and in-production” full-length documentary.
  • And yes, a TV show. How can this possibly turn into a TV show?

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Not. But just in case, I think this completely different set of jobs will require different titles in the future. Can you humbly suggest:

  • GameStop: Never Stop Stopping
  • Uncut GMEs
  • Meme Streets
  • Short Stop
  • From Pre-Order to Stock Order
  • I Have No Shares, and I Must Sell
  • Hate the Player, Not the GME
  • The Weeb of Wall Street
  • The Game is Up
  • GameStop Won’t Stop
  • Diamond Hands
  • Robinhood and the Men in Gamer Chairs
  • To The Moon, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and HODL
  • This Theater Still Exists Because of This Movie’s Events (remember AMC?)
  • The Bankrupting of the Hedge Fund Melvin Capital by the Internet Message Board WallStreetBets

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