January 30, 2023
New Delhi

Pentagon Breaks Trump’s $ 10 Billion Jedi Deal With Microsoft and give it to the Amazon

Pentagon Breaks Trump's $ 10 Billion Jedi Deal With Microsoft and give it to the Amazon

The Pentagon canceled the $ 10 billion Jedi cloud computing project, canceling the Trump-era Microsoft award.

Deferral of contracts (short for Joint Venture Defense Infrastructure) opens contracts with other major players in the cloud computing industry, including Amazon.

The Trump administration wanted one provider, but the Biden administration said it would likely split the project into multiple companies.

Social media platform WeChat claims to have deleted dozens of LGBT accounts run by college students.

Members of several groups in China said they later learned that access to their accounts was blocked late Tuesday night and all content was removed.

China is considering sending 20 giant rockets into space to repel large asteroids that could head for Earth.

The country’s National Space Science Center is using the Long March 5 apparatus to simulate its collisions with objects outside the atmosphere.

British Airways has reached a secret deal with a serious data breach claim and Nintendo has announced an updated Switch with OLED screens. Santa’s house is on fire in Lapland – a record for the hottest days in over a century.

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