September 25, 2023
New Delhi

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has left the company to start a new venture

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei leaves the company to start a new venture

Pei played a major role in designing the OnePlus smartphone lineup, including the recently launched OnePlus Nord, which was its biggest success ever. Outside of Shenzhen, China, where OnePlus is headquartered, Pei is also a front for Chinese companies, attending business conferences, interacting with loyal customers, and giving media interviews.

In the early days of OnePlus, Pei created various marketing strategies to put the company’s products in the right position and create a buzz around. In 2014 and 2015, as OnePlus struggled to expand inventory, the company approached several smart marketing techniques, including invitations and the need to destroy existing phones to buy new OnePlus smartphones. It has been sold.

Also, in the early days of the company, Pei lived almost exclusively in low-priced hotels in China and India in order to better understand the market and easily travel to new cities. OnePlus is currently one of the most successful premium smartphone manufacturers in India and several other markets.

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“We didn’t have proper product management. We made up for what we lacked in a few hours,” he said in a previous interview. At Disrupt 2019, he elaborated on the company’s early days and the state of the smartphone market.

Once he publicly asked Samsung to hire him. “So Samsung, today I have a suggestion for you: let me be your intern. Seriously. You can learn from the team how you succeeded in expanding, running and managing your business. It’s an honor, “he wrote on his personal blog.

Pei contacted Pete Lau in 2012 through social media. The two launched OnePlus a year later. “He said,’I want to change the world.’ I thought this kid had ambitious thoughts and dreams. I think it came from the heart and it’s very important. He has tenacity. I think there is, “Lau recalled in a 2015 interview.

A few years before launching OnePlus, Pei worked with a friend to sell a white-labeled MP3 player in China.

31-year-old Pay hasn’t joined Samsung, but it’s clear what he wants to do next. According to someone familiar with the matter, he is starting his own venture. Pay did not respond to a request for comment at the beginning of Monday.

OnePlus did not respond to the request for comment.

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