January 28, 2023
New Delhi

Now Blogger cannot carry drone on Indian flights Why?

Now bloggers cannot carry drones on Indian flights Why?


  • Due to recent requests, drones cannot be carried in cabin baggage on Indian flights.
  • Due to cybersecurity concerns, there are restrictions on the carrying of drones.
  • Such restrictions can certainly be difficult for digital content creators.

Modern bloggers use different types of cameras to shoot content. It is found that most digital content creators in India and abroad, especially travelers, carry heavy camera bags to store their devices. This might include digital single-lens feedback, unparalleled cameras, motion actions, and even drones to capture cinematic footage.

What the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) says?

According to the latest order issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), drones cannot be carried in carry-on baggage on Indian flights. Drones are currently in the “prohibited items” category, according to BCAS, India’s civil aviation security regulator. Needless to say, items prohibited in flight include sharp tools such as knives and shears, especially ammunition.

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Restrictions on carrying drones as part of carry-on baggage are imposed on cybersecurity concerns. As reported by MediaNama, this order was issued in response to an explanation requested by the Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF).

The BCAS order states: “This matter was considered in light of the current rules and clarifications provided by the Director of Civil Aviation. Consequently, the competent authorities are the Unmanned Aircraft System / Remote Control System (RPAS) / Unmanned Aircraft System Orientation. (UAS) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are in the restricted item’s category and cannot be carried in a cabin bag.

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Like other cameras, the drone is battery powered. So far, we know that drones are not permitted as part of carry-on baggage on Indian flights. It remains unclear if anyone can carry the device and battery separately and divide them into the check-in and carry-on luggage respectively. For example, the power bank can be carried as part of cabin baggage, but not as part of checked baggage.

Many countries have different sets of civil aviation security rules that must be followed. But recently, when video blogging has become one of the legitimate professions many resorts to, restrictions such as not carrying drones onboard can certainly be challenging for some. ..

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