September 22, 2023
New Delhi

“No Man’s Sky”: The update allows “Frontiers” urban planning

"No Man's Sky": The update allows "Frontiers" urban planning

Halo Games has released a new update for “No Man’s Sky” with “Frontiers”. The main feature of the new expansion is the alien settlements that can be found on procedurally generated planets of the space game. The players should be able to develop the villages as mayor and deal with the problems of the residents.

New settlements in No Man’s Sky must also be protected from attacks by less hostile aliens. According to developer Hello Games, the package includes hundreds of new properties from which the game has collected alien settlements. “Frontiers” is free, like all other extensions to “No Man’s Sky”.

In addition to the settlement, the interface of the basic construction system has also been revised in the new update. Other changes include updated graphics and destruction effects. The update can now be downloaded for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Full patch notes are available on the No Man’s Sky website.

According to Hello Games, “Frontiers” is the 17th update of “No Man’s Sky”, which debuted in a grim edition in 2016. The game was technically weak, many of the promises made earlier were not fulfilled. Lead developer Sean Murray and his team promised fans an endless universe full of discoveries and opportunities, and instead gave a bug festival that had nothing to offer but just extracting raw materials.

Since the launch of Glitch, several free updates have appeared that have expanded No Man’s Sky, for example, to include multiplayer modes, VR support and several new vehicles. Today, the history of space exploration games is considered incomparable: “No Man’s Sky” has developed massively in the last five years and all extensions are also provided free of charge. No Man’s Sky is part of the Microsoft Game Pass.

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