January 30, 2023
New Delhi

New SMITE GOD KING has been announced

New SMITE GOD KING GIL has been announced

The expression of the Babylonian gods Smit expands rapidly in Season 8. First, we saw Tiamat, the ruthless Creator and Destructive Goddess of the Sea of ​​Salt, able to play a two-stance magician. Now we are witnessing the announcement that he has arrived at one of the most famous names of this Pantheon. The first written heroic epic star, Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, will arrive in April next year. Legendary immortal seekers, giant sacred creature fighters, and public villains are classified as warriors and armed with a sword of fire. The introduction of this movie shows a glimpse of his group. That is, it emphasizes that the angry Tiamat has fallen on his face. Note: COGconnected does not recommend dropping a dragon on your face in real life. Even if you are also a mythical half-god.

Gilgamesh will feature prominently in the new tyranny event Talon, which records the effects of Tiamat’s awakening on the battlefield of the gods. The event features three new Gods, including Tiamat and Gilgamesh, lots of new opportunities to win gems, and some cool new skins. Have you always wanted to see the Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi as a 1990s anime character? What about the Egyptian sun god Ra as a strange little graffiti? And if you’re really loyal, you can unlock Forgotten Gods Chaac, the latest Level 5 game appearance, and watch Maya Rain God gain new and terrifying glory. Completing the Talons of Tyranny level will also unlock rewards like the extremely cool Deathy Chibi Thanatos. Whether he is the God of Death or not, we want to embrace him.

The Talons of Tyranny is the biggest Smite event of 2021 and we can’t wait for King Uruk to act. Especially if you make Tiamat a bargain!

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